Which Genshin Impact Character Are You?

In the vibrant and diverse world of Teyvat, every hero carries a unique tale, power, and purpose. From the fiery fervor of Pyro wielders to the serene whispers of Anemo travelers, Genshin Impact introduces a constellation of characters each brimming with personality and depth. Have you ever wondered which of these beloved characters mirrors your spirit? Dive into our 'Genshin Kin Quiz' and let the wind guide you to your Genshin twin. Ready to embark on this self-discovery journey across Teyvat? Let's begin and unveil your inner character!
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Embark on Your Teyvat Adventure.

Which Genshin Impact Character are You?

Who would you be if you were to teleport into Teyvat (may or may not caused by a truck or a wish-granting genie)? You don’t have to look further than this Genshin Impact quiz. You’ll find out which character you resemble the most by answering a few questions. If you’re curious about which Genshin Impact Character you are, we’ve engineered a quiz to help you figure out.

About Genshin Impact Characters

For some players, collecting characters is the best way to play the game. They just love the idea of playing as their favorite character or enjoying their gameplay. Combine that with the possibility of resembling their favorite character, and this kind of quiz becomes the best thing ever.

Currently, there are 53 characters available in the game. The Traveler(s) aren’t included in that count because they’re the player character and everybody has them. Interesting statistics about Genshin characters:

As of the 3.0 patch, there are:

  • 53 characters, 18 of which are male and 35 female

  • Ten Pyro, Cryo, and Electro characters of each element (total of 30)

  • Seven Hydro, Anemo, and Geo characters of each category (total of 21)

  • 2 Dendro characters

  • 18 characters that come from Mond, making it the nation most populated with playable characters

  • Liyue has 16, and Inazuma 14

  • Sumeru, as a new country, only has three so far.

  • The above counts Tartaglia as a Snezhnayan character despite being grouped in Liyue. Also, Aloy, as an outlander, isn’t counted.

  • 13 bow users, which is the most out of all the weapons used

  • Second to that are sword users at 11

  • In contrast, there are only nine spear/polearm users.

  • About 22 known or predicted playable characters through various sources, for a total of 75.

  • If not all the shown Harbingers in ‘A Winter Night’s Lazzo’ are playable, approximately seven characters will be deducted from the count. (around 68 total characters)

  • Pulcinella is likely playable because he features in the game’s Chapter Storyline Preview trailer.

  • Others predicted in the same way:

  • Lyney and Lynette (Fontaine chapter)

  • Iansan (Natlan chapter)

  • Dainsleif is officially confirmed to be playable in the future, but his element is unknown.

  • From the 3.1 Livestream, we have:

  • Cyno, Candice, and Nilou

  • Baizhu from the Bubu Pharmacy is playable, primarily due to his design.

  • The same goes for Alhaitham, Dehya, and Mika (shown in the 3.1 trailer).

  • Nahida, as the Dendro Archon, is obviously playable.

  • Yaoyao has been hinted at through official art and Liyue bulletin messages.

  • Leaks reveal a familiar face to be playable as soon as 3.2

  • Note that most of the above sources are unreliable (other than those through official channels) so take them with a grain of salt.

Not all Vision holders are playable, even if it’s the most obvious marker. Without spoiling it, you meet a Vision holder at the end of the Vimara Village questline in Sumeru. However, their design is that of an NPC, which leaves them out of the roster. Who knows, though? Hoyoverse might bring back that character with a new look in the future.

Top Three Most Popular Characters in Genshin Impact


Aside from being the strongest shielder, Zhongli is all-around cool. His character design, powerful abilities, and awesome theme song put the cherry on top. His character announcement trailer is even the best out of all released videos.


Kazuha’s popularity stems from his epic parrying of the Shogun’s Musou no Hitotachi and his kind and gentle demeanor. He’s also among the top support characters in the game and is a must-have unit for combat and exploration.

Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun rose to popularity for one thing: her beneficial abilities in combat. For those who thought of another reason, get your head out of the gutter. That meme is out of season, and you can’t even appreciate it in combat anyway.

Try Out the Genshin Kin Quiz!

The above three are just a tiny sample of the results you can get. With more characters being added every patch in Genshin, your results can change after some time!

Please note that there are no right or wrong answers, and this quiz is for entertainment. Relax, and don’t be nervous about answering. You can even retake it if you don’t like your results! Have fun, and enjoy Genshin Impact!

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