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Buy Frozen Flame Coins – Frozen Flame Market

In a frozen wasteland, you have to do everything and anything to survive, especially if the land is filled with dragons. Aside from scrapping every material available in the area, survivors can engage in tons of trading. Buying Frozen Flame Coins from other players will help gamers acquire blueprints to fight the dangers in the land.

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Trading Information
Frozen Flame Coins

Why Buy Frozen Flame Coins?

Frozen Flame requires players to do tons of crafting and harvesting to survive their harsh environments. While the process is not complicated, gathering the necessary materials is tedious and quite dangerous. Aside from this, you will also need blueprints to craft specific items. Unfortunately, getting these schematics is challenging and will require some coins.

Coins are mainly used for engaging in trade with wandering merchants who are scattered throughout the world. These vendors will sell various tons of items and consumables. The main thing that they sell are blueprints, which are needed to learn how to craft certain items. These items can be expensive so some survivors might need more coins.

Acquiring a massive stock of coins is quite an ordeal and can be dangerous. It might come to the point that players will need more money to buy the essential materials from vendors they meet. Purchasing coins from other gamers is an effective way to ensure that you have sufficient currency to get all the necessary materials from NPCs. Make sure to let your lack of coins hinder your progression in the game.

All Recipes in Frozen Flame

There are tons of things that you can craft or unlock in Frozen Flame. From powerful armor to life-saving potions, survivors have all the agency they need to prepare for their ventures. Here are all the blueprints that you can buy from vendors:


  • Bone Armor
  • Bone Boots
  • Bone Bracers
  • Bone Helmet
  • Bone Mask
  • Bone Pants
  • Bubble
  • Ragged Bandana
  • Ragged Foot Wraps
  • Ragged Hand Wraps
  • Ragged Pants
  • Ragged Robe
  • Rawhide Armor
  • Rawhide Boots
  • Rawhide Gloves
  • Rawhide Hat
  • Rawhide Pants


  • Bone Axe
  • Bone Bow
  • Bone Greataxe
  • Bone Greatsword
  • Bone Pickaxe
  • Bone Staff
  • Bone Sword
  • Bone Torch
  • Stone Axe
  • Sonte Club
  • Stone Greataxe
  • Stone Pickaxe
  • Stone Sword
  • Wooden Bow
  • Wooden Staff
  • Wooden Torch

Crafting Stations

  • Planter
  • Workbench
  • Artisan Table
  • Stone Workbench
  • Cauldron
  • Altar

Magic Essence

  • Flame Essence
  • Solid Essence
  • Astral Essence
  • Crystal Essence


  • Health Potion
  • Stamina Potion
  • Energy Potion


  • Baked Fish with Fruit (Sugar Boarberry and Blue Fish)
  • Baked Fish with Fruit (Luminous Apple and Blue Fish)
  • Baked Fish with Fruit (Blue Fish and Fireberry)
  • Baked Insects with Fruit (Sugar Boarberry Summer Tree Beetle)
  • Baked Insects with Fruit (Sugar Boarberry and Sun Glowbug)
  • Baked Insects with Fruit (Luminous Apple and Summer Tree Beetle)
  • Baked Insects with Fruit (Luminous Apple and Sun Glowbug)
  • Baked Insects with Fruit (Fireberry and Sun Glowbug)
  • Beetle Salad (Sugar Boarberry Leaves and Summer Tree Bettle)
  • Beetle Salad (Sugar Boarberry Leaves and Sun Glowbug)
  • Beetle Salad (Fireberry Leaves and Sun Glowbug)
  • Bug Broth (Summer Tree Beetle and Water Vessel)
  • Burning Broth (Summer Tree Beetle and Noble Mushroom)
  • Burning Broth (Summer Tree Beetle and Poisonous Ink Mushroom)
  • Burning Broth (Noble Mushroom and Sun Glowbug)
  • Burning Broth (Poisonous Ink Mushroom and Sun Glowbug)
  • Fish Pie (Blue Fish and Blue Fish)
  • Fish Salad (Sugar Boarberry Leaves and Blue Fish)
  • Fish Salad (Blue Fish and Fireberry Leaves)
  • Fish Soup (Blue Fish and Water Vessel)
  • Fish Stuffed with Mushrooms (Noble Mushroom and Blue Fish)
  • Fish Stuffed with Mushrooms (Blue Fish and Poisonous Ink Mushroom)
  • Fish with Beetle Sauce (Summer Tree Beetle and Blue Fish)
  • Fish with Beetle Sauce (Blue Fish and Sun Glowbug)
  • Fried Fish (Blue Fish)
  • Fried Fish (Blue Fish and Scented Salts)
  • Fried Greens (Sugar Boarberry Leaves and Sugar Boarberry Leaves)
  • Fried Greens (Sugar Boarberry Leaves and Fireberry Leaves)
  • Fried Insect Meat (Summer Tree Beetle)
  • Fried Insect Meat (Summer Tree Beetle and Scented Salts)
  • Fried Insect Meat (Sun Glowbug)
  • Fried Insect Meat (Sun Glowbug and Scented Salts)
  • Fried Meat (Raw Boar)
  • Fried Meat (Raw Boar and Scented Salts)
  • Fried Mushrooms (Noble Mushroom)
  • Fried Mushrooms (Noble Mushroom and Scented Salts)
  • Fried Mushrooms (Poisonous Ink Mushrooms)
  • Fruit Dessert (Sugar Boarberry and Scented Salts)
  • Fruit Dessert (Luminous Apple and Scented Salts)
  • Fruit Dessert (Fireberry and Scented Salts)
  • Fruit Juice (Sugar Boarberry and Water Vessel)
  • Fruit Juice (Luminous Apple and Water Vessel)
  • Fruit Juice (Water Vessel and Fireberry)
  • Fruit Pie (Sugar Boarberry and Luminous Apple)
  • Fruit Pie (Sugar Boarberry and Fireberry)
  • Fruit Pie (Luminous Apple and Luminous Apple)
  • Fruit Pie (Luminous Apple and Fireberry)

Potential Merchant and NPC Locations

Frozen Flame is divided into several zones. Each island will feature various content. During their travels, players can encounter murals, pillars, rituals, chests, and large chests. In their travels, survivors will also meet various merchants along the way. Having tons of coins in your pockets is ideal before looking for these NPCs. Here are the potential locations of each vendor:

  • Cu on a small island near Gold Island
  • Two unknown NPCs in Merchant Island
  • Treasure Hunter in Copper Island
  • Woodhead on Hermit's Island
  • Skelle in Skelle Island
  • Hornhead in Green Tag Island

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