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Why Sell Frozen Flame Accounts?

Tired of playing Frozen Flame? It may be time to sell your account, as there are players out there looking for the build you have made for yourself to survive Arcana. As the game has only been released recently, there has been great anticipation before Frozen Flame's launch. Dreamside Interactive's developers have won multiple awards, such as NYX Awards 2022 (for multiple categories), Unreal Engine Awards 2019, White Nights 2018, and Tokyo Game Show 2019. People who have played the game enjoy world exploration, combat, PvP, and base raiding.

There are two reasons why players sell their accounts:

  • Sellers may no longer be playing Frozen Flame.
  • And selling your account will earn you some quick cash.

With all these reasons aside, overall, your efforts in grinding the game will be rewarded through money, and some sellers would create multiple characters to sell, each focusing on a specific build and skill set. It is up to you to sell more than one account.

Sellers Should Keep These Things in Mind:

  • Ancestral Tree: A great build to fit your character's weapons and playstyle is something a buyer looks for; they want a character that enhances their experience. For example, if a character has a bow and arrow for their weapon choice, leveling up their skills on the bow mastery tree would benefit a buyer into a ranged-type playstyle.
  • Taming and Mounts: Mounts are essential when traveling the blighted world of Arcana. Collecting mounts will help players traverse the land and reach places without getting tired.
  • Frozen Flames: Collecting Frozen Flames are essential; if sellers could accumulate a significant number of this powerful magic Flame, buyers would be very interested. Frozen Flames are a resource that can provide not only experience but also a powerful crafting resource.
  • Farming and Vendor Stalls: Being prepared with the items and gear to battle will give buyers the edge they need to fight the Faceless. Collecting ores, food, money, and other materials will catch the eye of buyers as they would have the means of surviving the darkest dungeons and live to tell the tale.
  • PvP and Base Raiding: Standing a chance against other players feels satisfying, especially when playing with a team to take bases down. Competitive players want a character to withstand the blows they will take when fighting another player. If your character can take a hit, a buyer out there wants it.

These are only the broad categories to give you an idea of what buyers would want, and there will be buyers out there prioritizing these elements. What makes things beneficial for the seller is that they can name their price. There is enormous scope for this game, for Frozen Flame. Since the game is currently in early access some players have already signed up to play the game since its early access. Players have plenty of people to sell to, and there isn't much to lose from trying it out; as mentioned, you can sell more than one account. The only limitation is your imagination and determination when building more than one character on Frozen Flame.

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