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FFXIV Dawntrail Pictomancer Job Guide and Rotations

FFXIV pictomancer job guide rotations


The Pictomancer job belongs in the magical ranged DPS role, along with Black Mage, Red Mage and Summoner. As revealed in the recent Live Letter, this job will be a hybrid of DPS and support, providing buffs to the entire party. This guide will talk about the mechanics behind this new job while highlighting some rotations for easy play.

Pictomancer Job Actions

Your primary DPS spells for Pictomancer are Fire in Red, Aero in Green, and Water in Blue. Casting these spells in order will give 25 points on your Palette gauge and will grant you 1 white paint stack, up to a maximum of 5 stacks. There are also AoE variants of these spells, noted by the II next to the spell name.

The white paint stacks you gain will be used to cast your first OGCD, Holy in White. However, you can also convert a white paint stack to black by casting Subtractive Palette, which costs 50 Palette gauge points. You can use the black paint stack to cast Comet in Black, which replaces Holy in White and deals more damage.

After casting Subtractive Palette, your main DPS spells will now turn into a dark variant with the following: Blizzard in Cyan, Stone in Yellow, and Thunder in Magenta. These have far more potency than the bread-and-butter spell combo but take longer to cast. Like the bread-and-butter combo, these dark spells also have their own AoE variants.

If you are about to take some damage, the spell Tempera Coat will provide you with a barrier that is equal to 20% of your maximum HP for 10 seconds. If this barrier is broken, your next Tempera Coat’s cooldown will be reduced by 60 seconds.

Pictomancer Canvas Spells

One unique aspect of the Pictomancer job is that they can set up for a highly damaging spell by casting spells called Motifs. Each canvas represents a certain motif, with the left canvas representing Creatures, the middle representing Weapons and the right representing Landscapes.

Casting the Creature Motif will rotate between 4 motifs: Pom, Wing, Clawed, and Fanged. After casting a Motif, you will need to cast the Living Muse spell, which deals damage and primes that motif. Here is a chart for the order of spells you need to cast.

  • Pom Motif > Pom Muse > Wing Motif > Wing Muse > Mog of the Ages
  • Claw Motif > Clawed Muse > Maw Motif > Fanged Muse > Retribution of the Madeen

Next are the Weapon spells, which are simpler in execution. First, cast the Hammer Motif spell, then the Striking Muse spell to unlock Hammer Stamp, Hammer Brush, and Polishing Hammer in that order. These three spells will have guaranteed critical hits and are instant casts, so use these in case you need to move or burst down an enemy.

Again, this is the order of spells you need to cast for the Hammer combo.

  • Hammer Motif > Striking Muse > Hammer Stamp > Hammer Brush > Polishing Hammer

Lastly, you have your Landscape spells. Casting these in order will grant a 5% damage buff to all teammates in the landscape, while also giving you a bevy of buffs too. This has the shortest list of spells required, only needing Starry Motif and Starry Muse.

Starry Muse will provide the following buffs: 

  • Subtractive Spectrum
    • Grants a free use of the Subtractive Palette spell
  • Inspiration
    • Reduces the cast time of most spells by 25%. Only stays in effect if the Pictomancer is standing within the landscape.
  • 5 stacks of Hyperphantasia
    • These are spent by casting your main bread-and-butter spells. Once all 5 stacks are consumed, it grants the Starstruck buff.
  • Starstruck
    • Allows you to cast Star Prism, a 400 potency spell that also heals allies caught in the AoE.

Best Spell Rotations

A power opener for Pictomancers would be the following:

Hammer Motif and Starry Motif (pre-pull) > Rainbow Drip (pre-pull) > Striking Muse > Fire in Red > Aero in Green > Water in Blue > (weave in Starry Muse) Hammer Stamp > (weave in Pom Motif) Hammer Brush > Polishing Hammer > Wing Motif > (weave in Subtractive Palette) Thunder in Magenta > Comet in Black > Star Prism > (use Swiftcast) Claw Motif > Clawed Muse > Blizzard in Cyan > Stone in Yellow > Rainbow Drip

Much of your power lies in the Muse spells, which should be cast during the pre-pull phase since Motifs don’t have a cast time when out of combat. However, it’s best to also cast your Motifs during periods where the boss cannot be damaged or during transitionary phases.

As for your main bread-and-butter rotation, use the following:

Fire in Red > Aero in Green > Water in Blue > Fire in Red > Aero in Green > Water in Blue > Subtractive Palette > (weave in Comet in Black) Blizzard in Cyan> Stone in Yellow> (weave in Holy in White) Thunder in Magenta > repeat with Fire in Red

This is a good filler combo whenever your Motifs are in cooldown and can serve well enough for DPS if you ever drift your burst cooldowns.

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