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FFXIV Rogue Leveling Guide

Rogue Leveling Guide

The Rogue is one of the more complex jobs in FFXIV, this guide will hopefully make things a little less painful. We'll go over the following in this article:

  • How do I unlock the Rogue in FFXIV?
  • Why play as the Rogue?
  • Rogue Leveling Tips

How Do I Unlock Rogue in FFXIV?

If you want to unlock this class, you can head over to the Rogue Guild. You'll this location in the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks. Once you are here, you can find quests that include “Way of the Rogue” and “So you want to be a Rogue.” This is the only base class in FFXIV that you cannot use at the start of the game.

Why Play As the Rogue?

If you want to play as a Ninja in FFXIV, you'll find that playing as the Rogue is your way forward. Essentially, you are playing as the Rogue to get to the Ninja job. The Ninja is a popular job to play because of its Mudra system which players love. It is generally a great technical class all around. The Rogue’s taken a while to get to where it is, but it’s now considered one of the more fun classes in the MMO as well.

Their gear revolves around using leather armor and wielding dual daggers. With that in mind, you should consider the crafting classes of Blacksmith, Leatherworker, and Goldsmith. The Blacksmith can make daggers for you to wield, while the Leatherworker will be in charge of making your leather armor. Finally, we have the Goldsmith, which will be used to make the likes of rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

It has a few core mechanics that make the gameplay enjoyable, especially if you prefer a stealthier approach. So if you do prefer the element of surprise, you can blend into your surroundings with a Hide or Trick Attack to deliver an attack that is more potent when attacking from the rear. Meanwhile, the Death Blossom offers the ability for you to attack nearby enemies.

So if you do choose to play as a Rogue, then you can choose to traverse the landscapes through the shadows. Keep in mind that your attacks are much more powerful when doing so from behind.

Rogue Leveling Tips

Do Your Main Scenario Quests

There is a general rule for leveling up your character in FFXIV. There are a lot of different factors for you to take into account and ways in which you can level up faster that are quicker than other routes. A great place to start is Main Scenario Quests. If you have them, you should ensure that you are doing them. These are a handy way of getting the experience you need and should top your list in leveling.

Experience Buffs

Experience buffs are helpful, as every little bit helps in instances where leveling up is concerned. They might only work for you until you reach a certain level, but they are worth mentioning when doing dungeons while you gain monster EXP. It does have to be said that it is very much a grinding experience and not as exciting as other ways of leveling.


FATEs are useful because they can be done without committing yourself to them too much. So this is more of a side method of leveling, but it can still be effective when doing so. Alternatively, you might find it more effective to stick to the likes of sidequests.

This is especially true when you are doing sidequests connected to the Main Scenario Quests, as this will make them a far more valuable use of your time. As for those outside of MSQs, whether they are worth your time is for you to decide. Many players like to get sidequests polished off in games such as these, and FFXIV is seemingly no different.


You could also opt for Guildhests. These unlock at level 1, then every five levels from there. You can expect to receive bonus experience and a hefty set of EXP for each one you complete. So in this sense, they are very much worth your time. However, there is a setback with leveling with this method: they are useless once they have been initially completed. You can pad out your Challenge Log with them, but their effectiveness for EXP plummets significantly.

Conventional Methods for Leveling That You Should Avoid

So far, we have discussed different methods you can use. But, they are not the only ones in the game to do to get your experience up. The methods that have been mentioned are arguably the most effective that you can use, but there are some you should avoid.

One such method is grinding, which you should try and avoid. This is considered by many to be one of the least effective ways in which you can level up. It is a method you see in many similar games where you are repeatedly killing mobs to increase your experience. With that being said, in FFXIV, it isn’t worth your time. Try and stick to the methods discussed. Depending on your playstyle, you could refer to the likes of Levequests and Hunting Logs.

Have Fun Sneaking Around!

So now you should have a better idea of how you can play as the FFXIV Rogue and how to level it up. There is a consensus for all classes when it comes to leveling up, but the Rogue can take advantage of specific methods better than others in some cases. Whichever route you decide to use, once you have gotten to the point where you can play as the Ninja, you can expect fun and fluid gameplay.

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