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FFXIV Reaper and Sage Guide

FFXIV Reaper and Sage

Endwalker became a massive hit after its release. The latest expansion featured great content, from epic storylines to robust new jobs. The Reaper and Sage are the latest classes to grace the fields of Eorzea. These two characters have become some of the most popular careers in the game. Each of these choices has varying playstyles, so gamers should get to know them first before they commit to one of them. This guide will cover how both the FFXIV Reaper and Sage classes work.

Reaper Summary and Lore

The predecessors of the Garlean Empire were simple farmers who thrived on Southern Ilsabard’s sun-blessed fields. Unfortunately, arcane magick-wielding invaders forced these humble people into the frozen frigid mountains in the north. In these harsh conditions, several braved the unknown and tapped into the void to bind themselves with creatures to acquire verboten power. With their sharp scythes, these verboten-fueled warriors will reap their revenge.

The Reaper class is one of the latest Melee DPS units in FFXIV. This scythe-wielding character is a fast-paced unit with multiple burst windows and excellent finishers. Reapers are highly valued in raid parties due to their group buffs, dependable utilities, and AoE healing. The class is very flexible and is easy to learn while having a high skill ceiling. 

How to Unlock the Reaper?

Like most advanced jobs, players will need to satisfy several conditions before they can use the Reaper. Unfortunately, one of these requirements is for gamers to own the Endwalker expansion since the job came out with this pack. The other condition is to have a Disciple of War or Magic at level 70. 

When all these requirements have been met, players can now accept the “The Killer Instinct” from the Flustered Attendant at the Steps of Nald – Ul'dah. After completing this mission, adventurers will acquire the Reaper’s Soul Crystal, effectively unlocking the class for gamers. 

Job Mechanics

The main trick with Reapers is their three gauges. These meters are the Soul Gauge, Shroud Gauge, and Death Gauge. The Soul and Shroud bars are located in the same UI, while the Death Gauge is in a separate meter. 

The Soul and Shroud Gauge are generated using specific skills such as Slice, Waxing Slice, Infernal Slice, and Nightmare Scythe for Soul and Gibbet, Gallows, Guillotine, and Plentiful Harvest for Shroud. These meters allow the use of several abilities that consume the stacks in each bar.

The Death Gauge is unlocked upon learning Enshroud at level 80. Enshroud uses Shroud stacks, which allows the generation of Lemure Orbs. These stacks will enable the execution of stronger attacks such as Void Reaping, Cross Reaping, Grim Reaping, and Communio. Using these abilities will generate Void Orbs, which can be used to activate more potent spells such as Lemure’s Slice and Lemure’s Scythe. 

Sage Summary and Lore

The nation of Sharlayan has been one of the most extensive fonts of knowledge and wisdom in the world of Hydaelyn. Their Studium institution is said to produce some of the brightest and most formidable students. The academy has been well-known for mixing traditional fields to create more progressive and revolutionary disciples. One of their most advanced careers is a mix of aetherology, sorcery, and medicine. This field, known as the Sage, seeks to improve the conditions of mankind and practices wisdom and compassion above all else.

The Sage is a support class that came out in the Endwalker expansion and is currently the 4th healer job in the game. These characters focus on providing healing for wounded allies and conjuring protective barriers. The Sages’ strength lies in preventing fatal damage rather than curing them.

How to Unlock the Sage?

Same as the Reaper, this class requires players to own the Endwalker expansion before they can be used. In addition, gamers need to be level 70 in either Disciple of War or Magic. Once these requirements have been met, adventurers can accept the “Sage’s Path” quest from the Sharlayan Maiden in Limsa Lominsa.

Job Mechanics

The main gimmicks in using Sages revolve around their two meters, the Eukrasia and Addersgall Gauge. The first gauge is activated upon the use of the Eukrasia skills. This meter significantly enhances the Dosis, Diagnosis, and Prognosis abilities. 

The Addersgall Gauge is the second meter that shows the Addersgall and Addersting traits. The first one generates one stack every 20 seconds for a maximum of three units. Addersgall points can cast potent healing spells such as Druochole and Kerachole. Meanwhile, Addersting generates stacks whenever Eukrasian Diagnosis barriers are absorbed. The units for this meter allow the use of Toxicon, which can damage enemies and heal allies.

FFXIV Reaper and Sage classes are immensely popular, and many players are looking to maintain these jobs. Before adventurers jump on the bandwagon, gamers should understand how each character works. Make sure to visit this overview when unlocking either of these two jobs.

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