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EVE Ships for Sale: Battleships, Frigates, Carriers and More

With a total of 7,800 star systems that you can visit, it’s safe to say that the expanse of the Eve Online universe is massively sprawling! Discover all the wondrous adventures that await you by getting top-notch Eve ships. You can get them right here at PlayerAuctions—where the best deals abound!

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Get the Top Eve Online Ships from PlayerAuctions

In CCP games’ Eve Online, exploration and conquest is the name of the game. And you can’t do that without a trusty ship to ride as you travel deep into the darkest recesses of the galaxy. It’s a good thing that getting a fine ship is as easy as can be here at PlayerAuctions!

Simply follow these quick steps and you’ll be the captain of your very own ship on Eve Online:

  1. Sign up so you can be privy to all the listings for Eve Online ships.
  2. Once at the offers page, select one that suits your needs and budget.
  3. The seller will then contact you via email or our onsite messenger so you can work out the details of the ship transfer.
  4. Be sure to check the ship you’ve bought to ensure that it’s exactly as described in the original offer. Once everything’s to your satisfaction, you may then proceed to make the confirmation in our system.
  5. We will then promptly release the seller’s payment. Congratulations! You now have your very own ship to take you into the farthest recesses of the galaxy.

When you sign up at PlayerAuctions, you instantly gain access to the latest and cheapest deals. Whether it’s accounts, items, resources, or ships in Eve Online, you can bet your bottom dollar that we’ve got the best prices. So join today to get the Eve Online ship that’s perfect for your exploration needs. And in a game that’s as massively sprawling as Eve Online, you’re sure gonna need it!

Eve Online Battleships

Big, heavy, and definitely imposing, battleships are naturally expensive. But don’t let the price tag put you off. They’re definitely worth the investment as you can breeze through the galaxy with practically no fear in your heart. Let them come, you can lay siege upon practically any fleet anyway!

This is the battleship you’ll definitely want to commandeer:

  • Raven – For those who want to utterly decimate waves upon waves of would-be opponents, this is the perfect choice of battleship. The Raven owes this capability to the long-ranged cruise missile launchers it comes equipped with. And with practically impenetrable shields, you’re as safe as can be!

Eve Online Frigates

Fast & nimble: That’s the calling card of frigates. And in a game like Eve Online where danger can spring up just around the corner, you’ll surely need to be swift if you’re to dodge potential doomsday-bringing ships just itching to pounce on you.

This is the frigate we recommend on Eve Online:

  • Kestrel – Though many consider the Kestrel to be among the weaker vessels in the game, it’s actually quite formidable and can handle its own in heated combat. It has excellent maneuverability and is a good ship for range-control. As such, it’s perfect for keeping enemy ships at bay to minimize damage all the while inflicting considerable damage back at opponents.

Honorable mentions:

Eve Online Carriers

Sometimes, you don’t need to fire your blasters straight from your main ship. This is certainly the case with carriers. With the ability to carry fleets of fighters, you can rain death upon your adversaries while sitting comfortably from a distance.

Here’s our recommended carrier:

  • Nyx – Not only is the Nyx a carrier, it’s a SUPER CARRIER! That alone should be enough reason for you to set aside resources just so you can commandeer this behemoth of a carrier. With this carrier, you can launch endless waves of agile fighters to turn the tides of battle solely in your favor.

Eve Online Destroyers

Larger than frigates, but smaller than battleships, frigates are the perfect fit for those who prefer to strike a perfect balance of size and speed as they battle in deep space.

To lay absolute waste upon you enemies, we recommend this destroyer:

  • Kikimora – As one of the most-utilized ships in the game, the Kikimora enjoys quite a reputation—and it’s well-earned. And with the Entropic Disintegrator (that’s powered by a singularity) lying in its core, you know the reason why!

Eve Online Titans

If you haven’t figured out that these are the largest ships on Eve Online, they are. That’s why they’re called titans! Able to perform both fleet functions and support roles, they won’t leave you dry in the heat of battle. In fact, it’s you who opposing fleets will want to avoid!

If you want to strike an imposing figure and practically defeat your opponents before the battle even begins, you’ll want to commandeer this almighty titan:

  • Avatar – With the ability to fit the heaviest tank armor allowed for its class, it’s no wonder that the Avatar ranks as the most popular titan in Eve Online by default. No fleet would risk facing your wrath if you pilot such an imposing titan. Trust us on this!
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