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EVE Online’s Gameplay

EVE Online eases players into combat by giving them “soft” targets to shoot down during the tutorial; the combat system gives them protocols that are simple enough to use when facing any target. Players can lock on, orbit, and activate their weapons using this method. As such, they only need to activate each of these once per enemy – there’s no need to spam or mash the weapon buttons since it’ll be useless.

Since players are in space, they need to learn how to fly their spaceship. Using autopilot is fine, but they can also activate manual flight through the use of arrow keys. While flying manually is much tricker and harder to master, it’ll be extra helpful for PvP bouts where players might face seasoned veterans that know how to exploit the predictability of their orbit path.

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EVE Online is arguably the most difficult MMO that gamers can ever attempt to play. The incredibly complex and obtuse culture of EVE Online was built around the philosophy of the strong feeding off of the weak. It’s certainly an intimidating MMO to get into, but EVE Online can also become one of the most defining and richest moments of one’s year of playing games. Ever since the free-to-play update was released in 2017, there are very few reasons for gamers to not step into the virtual galaxy of New Eden. With more than a decade’s worth of updates and development, players can tell that there’s a lot of love put into making EVE Online. The process of learning the game, however, can be overwhelming especially for those who aren’t familiar with MMOs. Thankfully, there are third-party marketplaces these days where buyers can choose to get an EVE Online account to get a head start (this is where sellers come in). That way, they don’t have to do a lot of grinding – at least for a couple of weeks.

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