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For aspiring tamers out there, they need the necessary Digimon Masters items to carry out their dream of being the best tamer in the Digimon realm. Gather the strongest Digimon and hatch eggs in this MMO filled with brimming content connecting all of the different franchises in the Digimon world.

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What Digimon Masters Is All About

The meat and potatoes of Digimon Master Online are, without a doubt, the Digimon themselves. Think of it as Pokemon, another popular franchise. Both are relatively similar to each other in that the monsters that inhabit their world can use moves to attack and defend themselves. What’s more, these monsters can evolve into a stronger form of themselves. When it comes to Digimon Master Online, it’s all about collecting the many different Digimon. Each Digimon is unique and has its own set of skills that are exclusive to them; however, it’s worth noting that some are stronger than others. With Digimon Masters bringing an RPG-like experience to the table, both veterans and newcomers can enjoy the game and immerse themselves deep into the Digimon realm.

Digimon or Digital Monsters, much like their tamers, can grow. During a player’s first steps to become the best tamer, their Digimon is but a child in terms of age. But as they progress and do battle with the other tamers in Digimon Masters, their Digimon will grow to become an adult and in turn go through the steps of Digivolution. Digivolution is a complex way of saying evolution. But instead of simply evolving from point A to point B, Digimon can evolve into several different forms or even fuse with another Digimon. This has been shown on the past Digimon TV series wherein the combination of two highly Digivolved monsters resulted in a powerful Digimon that can only be accomplished by having one with the other. All in all, Digivolution may look relatively simple to understand on the outside, but upon closer inspection, there’s a lot that goes into the intricacies and requirements needed to form a specific Digivolution.

Digimon Masters Items Every Tamer Must Have

The so-called essential items are often overlooked by tamers, but the reality is that without them, they wouldn’t survive those tough moments where they thought they were done for. There is a whole slew of items in Digimon Masters that tamers can use. Whether it’s to heal up or trying to hatch a Digimon egg, items play a huge role in maintaining the fun and complexity of Digimon Masters. Here are some of the items that every Digimon tamer must have in their inventory:

  1. Food & Vitamins

    Food in Digimon Masters can be compared to potions in MMORPGs. It never hurts to have a bunch of food and vitamins in the inventory, especially during times of need. Having food constantly available for a tamer and their Digimon partner is very helpful especially when fighting in tougher areas. The reason why food and vitamins are useful in Digimon Masters is that both of these items can regenerate both their health points and their Digimon’s health/Digisoul points. There are HP and DS (Digisoul) disks that players can purchase using Bits, the game’s official in-game currency. Using food and vitamins is also a lot cheaper compared to purchasing disks that do the same thing. For example, a Stick Bread can recover 235HP and only costs 25 Bits, while an HP Disk A costs 30 Bits and can only recover a 100HP of a tamer’s health. Food and vitamins are the most bang for buck items in Digimon Masters and are the most efficient way of recovering HP and DS without having to cough up a lot of Bits that players can use to purchase for other important items instead.

  2. Digitamas

    Digitamas, also known as Digimon Eggs, can be found all over the game. Tamers can get their first Digimon when they start the game, but as they progress through the story and become stronger, it’s understandable to feel the need to get another Digimon to help them out. During a tamer’s first steps, a tamer can only have up to three Digimon. Sooner or later, tamers will be able to unlock four more slots to form a seven-man Digimon team. Digimon can’t be caught in the wild, players must hatch them when they’re just wee eggs. There are many Digitamas in Digimon Masters, and depending on where a player gets their Digitamas, they’ll be able to have different varieties. Digitamas can also be purchased from the Digicore Shop, but tamers will have to use their Cash which is Digimon Master’s premium currency that can also be purchased with real money.


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