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Sell a Digimon Masters Account for Cash

Whether you plan to sell Digimon Masters Account on a regular basis or it’s just a one-time thing, there’s no better place to so than right here at PlayerAuctions. You can rest assured that you’ll get the price your account deserves in the safest and most convenient way possible.

What Factors Affect Digimon Masters Account Price

The biggest factor that determines how much you can sell your Digimon Masters account is the Digimon in it. Not just any Digimon, however, but the rare, competitive Burst-Mode Mercenary Digimon!

On top of that, Jogress Digimon are also in high demand. Crowd favorites like Omegamon, Mastermon, Imperialdramon, and Susanoomon are popular picks. Also, event Digimon and cash shop Digimon in your account greatly affect its price due to their rarity, competitiveness, and the fact that they are bought with real-life money.

Another factor is whether your account has a 3rd Mercenary Digimon slot and expanded storage. By this time, this is pretty much a prerequisite.

Lastly, the amount of in-game currency your account has directly affects its price.  There’s the regular currency (bit, mega, and tera) and Crown, which is the premium currency. For accounts tied to Steam, there are no Crowns, as microtransactions are directly purchased via Steam Wallet.

Having said all that, keep in mind that they’re simply recommendations. In the end, you’re free to put any price on your account, regardless of how big its difference is to the estimated price of its contents. Nevertheless, for your own benefit, we highly recommend that you stick to community-accepted pricing so that you’ll earn the amount your account is actually worth. At the same time, you won’t drive away potential buyers for doing so.

How to Put up a Digimon Masters Account for Sale

Selling a Digimon Masters account is easy! Simply log in or register and create an offer. Once a buyer decides to purchase your account, either your account details will be sent automatically or you’ll have to do it yourself, depending on your settings. We recommend that you set it to automatic for convenience.

After the buyer confirms the delivery, the transaction will be considered as completed, and you’ll be receiving the payment after 3 to 5 days.