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The word gigantic doesn’t even begin to do justice to the magnificently long-necked creature known as the Quetzalcoatlus. It’s an absolute behemoth! More commonly known as the Quetzal, you can dwarf all others in Ark: Survival Evolved because size really does matter! Browse through our offers to buy Quetzal today! Act now!


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Trading Information

Quetzal Location

The Quetzal can be found close to the obelisk, within the coordinates 55, 45 as well as the Jungle South. The problem with these locations is that they’re rife with dangerous dinosaurs, so you’ll need to be extra careful as you traverse the savage landscapes.

Quetzal Taming

If you want to tame one, you’ll have to use the following food:

  • Exceptional Kibble
  • Raw Mutton
  • Raw Prime Meat

There are many strategies in capturing the Quetzal, however, most of them involve shocking tranquilizer darts and a longneck rifle. You’ll also need a Taperaja, as the Quetzal are known for being able to fly for long periods of time.

Why Buy ARK Quetzal?

If you don’t have time or in-game resources to capture a Quetzal, or have either or both but would rather spend them on other things, then you’re better off buying it from us.

Other than the Quetzal, you can also buy from us the much rarer and robot-like ARK Tek Quetzal, as well as the ARK Quetzal Saddle. The latter requires time and resources to craft tool, so you might as well buy it instead.

How Much is the ARK Quetzal?

The price of the Quetzal, the Tek Quetzal, and the saddle vary from one vendor to another. However, there is likely to be an average price for this particular dinosaur. It’s all up to you whether you’re going to buy from the available offers regardless of price, wait for a better deal.

Keep in mind that the Tek Quetzal is going to be pricier than the regular Quetzal, given its rarity. There are also fewer offers for it.

How to Buy an ARK Quetzal from PlayerAuctions?

Buy an ARK Quetzal, Tek Quetzal, or Quetzal saddle from PlayerAuctions–it’s easy! Simply log in or register at PlayerAuctions if you don’t have an account yet, and then click Buy Now on the offer you want. Correspond with the buyer on what date, time, and the in-game location where it will take place. In order to trade dinosaurs in ARK, the seller will un-claim it and then you’ll claim it in exchange.

Once you have the Quetzal or the saddle, confirm with the delivery with us to conclude the trade. Congratulations! You now have one of the game’s most iconic flying dinosaurs. Enjoy!


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