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How to Get Dark Iron Dwarf Heritage Armor

Dwarf Heritage Armor

WoW’s Dark Iron Dwarf Heritage Armor is a set of transmogs for specific races. Not all races have them, though, for now. Players eagerly wait for those races to have their own, but they have to be satisfied with the available ones. This guide will walk players through how to acquire the transmog for the applicable races. 

Here are all the available Heritage Armors currently:

  • Allied Races
    • Void Elf
    • Lightforged Draenei
    • Dark Iron Dwarf
    • Kul Tiran
    • Mechagnome
    • Nightborne
    • Highmountain Tauren
    • Mag’har Orc
    • Zalandari Troll
    • Vulpera
  • Alliance
    • Dwarf
    • Gnome
    • Worgen
  • Horde
    • Blood Elf
    • Tauren
    • Goblin

That’s a total of sixteen Heritage Armors to collect. Of course, that also means making sixteen characters to get them all, which is a testament to your dedication and patience.

Why Get the Heritage Armor?

Aside from preventing others from seeing what a fashion disaster you are, the quests provide background lore. They show a glimpse into the history of the race, which lore masters love. Also, the transmogs are pretty cool-looking (some more than others).

There isn’t much of a reason not to do it anyways. The quest will also give you a sum of gold and EXP, so it wouldn’t be a waste to do it.

Here, we’ll focus on the Dwarf Heritage Armor, what it is and how to get it.

Dwarf Heritage Armor Lore

Dwarves in WoW are from the titan-forged Earthen. The Earthen are actually and literally living stones. Back then, Keepers (or Loken) wanted to make the world a better place. They made the races and gave them their specialties, granting Earthen the power to navigate the earth and construct caves.

When one of the Keepers betrayed the others, it cursed the races. The Earthen got the Curse of Flesh, which made them occasionally be born with flesh and skin instead of stone. The remaining Keepers tried to prevent this by putting the Earthen in hibernation, planning to wake them when the curse is lifted.

The Earthen woke up earlier than intended, becoming the Dwarves we know and love. When the Horde invaded Azeroth, they pledged their help to the Humans. Throughout the First War, they struggled and fought to keep their lands safe. The Dwarven Heritage Armor is a token of their continued involvement in the Alliance.

Dwarves In-Game

There are three main Dwarvish clans:

  • Bronzebeards
  • Wildhammers
  • Dark Irons

The first clan built the Explorer’s Guild, wanting to focus on archaeology and uncover the history of their race. Wildhammers have a close tie with nature. They study shamanism and care for the gryphons that take the players to all corners of Azeroth. Dark Irons reside in Blackrock Mountain with their queen Moira Thaurissan, the estranged daughter of Magni Bronzebeard.

Dwarves have special abilities unavailable to other races:

  • Explorer: lets Dwarves loot more archaeological fragments in finds and survey faster
  • Frost Resistance: reduces Frost Damage from attacks by 1%
  • Might of the Mountain: critical strikes have bonus damage, and healing increases by 2%
  • Stoneform: clears debuffs and gives immunity to status effects during its 8-second duration. Using it also reduces physical damage taken by 10%. Has a 3-minute cooldown period.

The available classes for the race are:

  • Hunter
  • Paladin
  • Priest
  • Warrior
  • Rogue

Dwarves are a solid choice for PvP or PvE due to Stoneform, though some classes benefit from it more than others. With Frost Resistance, they’re a solid defensive race, even if it’s a little situational. All in all, you’ll be glad to have one in your group, despite being drunk to the gills with ale.

Getting the Dwarven Heritage Armor

Due to Shadowlands having a revamp of the leveling system, the level requirements of the armor have changed. It now needs a Dwarf character to be at least at level 50. Then they need to have reached Exalted reputation with Ironforge. After that, they must complete the quest “Keep Your Feet on the Ground.”

When you’ve achieved the prerequisites, find Digger Golad in the Stormwind embassy to start the quest. You’re tasked to find a team of miners, though things are never that simple in Azeroth. You’ll receive the Heritage Armor afterward.

Remember that it is a transmogrification item. You can use it on as many pieces of armor and weapons as you want. Its only restriction is that it is available only for Dwarves.

Additional Information

Allied races have the following restrictions that will prevent the player from obtaining their Heritage Armor sets:

  • They can’t use character boost services
  • They can’t change factions or races with that character
  • Receiving Recruit-A-Friend levels will also prevent the quest from activating

Dwarves, as a core race available from the beginning of the game, do not have these restrictions. You can use level boosts as much as you want for the six races from the Alliance and Horde. Of course, race changes will not unlock the Heritage Armor for the race you switched to. As much as possible, try to avoid doing this if you want the transmog set.

Once you’ve unlocked it, you can use it on new characters of the same race. That includes characters that have used the race change service to switch to it. Unlocking it once is enough for your account for your other avatars to use.

Despite being both Dwarves, a normal one cannot wear the Heritage Armor of Dark Iron Dwarves. Similarly, the latter one can’t wear the normal ones. The same goes for all the other Allied Races you have to unlock.

Enjoy Your New Transmogrification Set!

Have fun with this shiny armor for Dwarves. You can set it on any equipment, so you’re not a walking fashion disaster. Your eyes and your friends will thank you, and you’ll come out with more knowledge of Dwarves. You might look like a tiny Tauren with weird horns, but at least that’s better than offending everyone with mismatched armor.

Keep on enjoying World of Warcraft, and finish your raids or grind levels in style!

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