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Tower of Fantasy How to Build Claudia


Claudia, wielder of the Guren Blade, is powerful and intimidating with her strong presence, sense of style, and fighting skills. The precise swings of her sword make her either a powerful ally or a terrifying enemy.


Claudia is a Hykros Executor, a master of one-handed swords and incredible mobility makes her a deadly opponent when meeting on the front lines.

Both of her parents are from Hykros, her father also being an Executer while her mother is a Medical Department Researcher. Growing up, she wished to follow in her parent's footsteps and focused on being an Executor like her father and fought alongside his side before sacrificing himself for his comrades. What she and her mother weren’t aware of, was that the Executor Order was keeping them in the dark about the details of her father's death.

Banner Release

As of the time of this article, Claudia will be an upcoming banner, and we can base her stats on footage of her gameplay on YouTube. We'll break down her skills from her gameplay footage to determine her abilities and possible matrices that can fit her playstyle with the given stats of her Guren Blade.

Claudia's release will be for Global players on September 15, 2022.




Guren Blade




January 16



Claudia Skills

  • Grievous: When the weapon is at full charge, DMG equals 137.00% of ATK, which makes the enemy grievous for 7 seconds adding 20% damage.
  • Normal Attack (Attack): Guren Blades' standard combo is up to 5 times at ground level.
    • First Attack: Deal DMG equal to 39% of ATK+74 and knock the target back a short range.
    • Second Attack: DMG is equal to 54.6% of ATK+103 and can knock targets back at a short distance.
    • Third Attack: DMG is equal to 49.4% of ATK+93 and can knock targets back at a short distance.
    • Fourth Attack: DMG equals 87.8% of ATK+164 and can knock targets back at a short distance.
    • Fifth Attack: DMG is equal to 148.1% of ATK+280 and can launch targets.
  • Aerial Discharge (Jump, Attack): While airborne, Guren Blade's standard combo is up to 4 times.
    • First Attack: DMG equal to 25.5% of ATK+1.
    • Second Attack: DMG equal to 44.4% of ATK+2.
    • Third Attack: DMG equal to 105% of ATK+5.
    • Fourth Attack: DMG equals 127.4% of ATK+6 and knocks enemies down.
  • Cyclone (Attack/ Hold: Attack): Start with a normal attack, then hold the attack button to use Cyclone.
    • Hold the normal attack button in a normal attack combo to trigger Cyclone. Claudia will knock enemies to launch her enemies in the air, dealing with 43.8% of ATK+2 DMG.
  • Diving Edge (Jump, Hold Attack): Tapping then holding the attack button in the air (or when a target is selected), climbing, jumping backward, or using the Jetpack will trigger Diving Edge.
    • Diving Edge can deal DMG equal to 10% of ATK+1 for each hit when falling. Once Claudia or your custom character lands, they can deal DMG equal to 70.3% of ATK+3 and knock the enemy back. The higher the fall, the higher the DMG, up to 600% ATK to nearby targets.
  • Sneak Attack (Perfect Dodge, Attack):
    • Press the crouch button and then tap the normal attack button to use Sneak Attack with a DMG of 570% of ATK+80
  • Roam (Skill):
    • When activating Roam, the Guren Blade will flow through targets while slashing past them, dealing DMG equal to 383% of ATK+18 only up to 5 targets. If attacking more than once on a single target will deal 20% less DMG.
    • Her last Attack in this skill deals DMG equal to 209.4% of ATK+14 to enemies and sends them up in mid-air, and gains a damage reduction of 50% while the skill is in effect. Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Unbridled Flurry (Discharge): When at full charge, or Phantasia (perfect dodge), switching to Guren from another weapon will remove all debuffs from the player. Charging and sends enemies airborne to deal 479.8% x ATK + 23 DMG, leaving behind a "blade-storm" that deals 192% x ATK + 9 DMG to the enemy while immunizing themself to grievous, freeze, burn, and electrify effects for 5 seconds.

Awakening Traits

  • 1200 Awakening: Grants invisibility for 1 second when dodging
  • 4000 Awakening: Grants invisibility for 1.5 seconds when dodging

Matrices Builds

Since we can't get Claudia and fully explore her skills, based on the given information, we can recommend some matrices that may fit her playstyle from the footage.

  • Best Matrices Set: Claudia (4 Matrices)
    • Using four Claudia Matrices: It's always better to go for Simulacra's matrices for a standard build.

Possible Matrices:

  • Shiro: Good for boosting DMG and Shatter to go along with Guren Blade, as it deals decent shatter using skills and discharge.
  • Crow: Boosts DMG for high crit rate.
  • Sobek: An alternative option for SSR DMG Chips when not available.

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