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Making Money While Playing Warframe

Streaming gameplay isn't the only way for gamers to make money while playing their favorite game! They can also offer to farm or level another player's account for real money. After all, not all players have the personality or skill to stream, so this alternative would be good.

The act of having someone else level an account is called power leveling or boosting. Yes, it's risky as the buyer will have to share their account details with the seller. However, when the seller is a professionally trained, trustworthy power leveler, there's no reason to fear. The seller does still have to be careful not to use or affect the account once the service ends.

Types of Warframe Powerleveling Service to Offer

There can be several types of service to offer, especially in Warframe where grinding is the main activity in the game. Not all players would like to spend so much time grinding, so they ask the help of powerlevelers instead. Sellers can offer these types of services:

  • General Leveling - Many things in Warframe can be leveled up. There's an overall level for the account called the Mastery Rank. It goes up as other things level up. The Warframe that's being used, all kinds of weapons, and even pets, as well as robot companions, all have levels. The robot companions also have their own weapons that have their own levels. That's a lot of leveling to do, which takes so much time. This service will level up all or a chosen few for the buyer.
  • Resource Farming - To get new frames, weapons, and other gear, players have to collect materials so they can craft blueprints. If they don't do so, their MR won't go up, so this is a necessary activity for the account's progress. Just be careful about farming Argon Crystals, because they degrade over time so it's best to use them up as soon as possible.
  • Completion Service - Some maps or modes can be challenging for the buyer. They could have trouble opening new areas of the map, for example. The seller can offer to do those things for the buyer.

The seller may offer more than one type of service, as resource farming and level grinding can be done at the same time. It can also depend on what the buyer needs. Good luck on the missions, Tenno!

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