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Sell Warframe Prime Parts and Sets

Warframe has been jokingly called Warfarm by its fans poking fun at all the grinding players has to do in-game. After all, that is all players do. They run maps, either to rank up their equipment and frames or farm to make more weapons and frames. Again and again, they run maps, make more equipment, run maps to level those up, and repeat.

It can be fun, considering the game still has a loyal player base. Still, it doesn't mean that there will be some buyers looking for a shorter way to get the frames and equipment they want. That's where sellers come in. Though they can only provide the blueprints for the equipment, farming the materials is sometimes easier than finding the blueprint.

Here are some Prime Sets sellers can offer.

Warframe Prime Sets

There are many offers for Warframe prime sets prices. Here are the most popular ones, along with a short description that aims to explain what makes each Prime Set special.

Paris Prime Set

A stronger version of the Paris bow, Paris Prime brings almost double the pain as silently as ever. It also has a higher critical chance and damage but has a slightly lower reload speed. Other features include an innate 3 meter punch through for charged shots and pinpoint accuracy when aiming. It can even use the bow-exclusive Thunderbolt mod.

Ash Prime Set

The primed variant of Ash, like most other primed frames, boasts higher shield capacity, armor, and sprint speed. Ash Prime's appearance also adds gold highlights and armor to Ash's rather simple look. As of May 30, 2017, it entered the Prime Vault, which means blueprints will not drop from missions anymore. Blueprints, fully-built frames, and components obtained before that event remain, though.

Frost Prime Set

Frost Prime has higher shields than Frost, as well as different mod polarities. Other than that, it has a black and gold color scheme. It's quite a change from its unprimed version's blue and white theme. The frame entered the Prime Vault on March 24, 2015, to the same effect as above. It became accessible on two separate limited-time events since then.

Loki Prime Set

This primed warframe has a higher energy reserve than its base counterpart. In addition to that, it has a different set of polarities for its mods. At max rank, Loki Prime has the second highest energy reserve, as well as the fastest sprint speed. Another interesting fact about it is the Grand Master sigil emblem on its chest, as no other playable character has it. The frame entered the Prime Vault on May 17, 2016.

Vauban Prime Set

Vauban Prime has higher shields and armor than its basic counterpart. It's colored a dark blue and gold, contrasting with Vauban's grey and red. The primed warframe has the unique characteristic of being made up of parts created from rare drops. That makes it hard for players to gather the needed components. The frame entered the Vault on March 20, 2018.

Rhino Prime Set

Black and gold is the color of Rhino Prime, which also possesses higher armor and sprint speed than its counterpart. The frame is also the first to have the ability effect modified compared to its base form. This can be seen most easily in the Iron Skin ability. It entered the Vault on February 16, 2016, and has been available in two separate timed events as well.


Not all of the Prime Warframes aren't listed here, such as the Soma, Trinity, Volt, and Orthos Prime sets. Rest assured, that doesn't mean the marketplace doesn't accept offers for those frames.

What Can Be Traded in Warframe

Warframe restricts many items from being traded, mainly to reduce the likelihood of getting the feature abused. For example, if they had left the players free to trade materials, they'd just keep on trading with each other for it. Not too many players would be running maps, and maybe a handful of players have a monopoly of the market.

What's more, some blueprints are way harder to find than materials. That would make the players complain about the difficulty of creating more equipment to progress their MR.

Here's a list of everything that can be traded:

  • Mods: Excluding Flawed, Umbra, and Prime ones obtained from Daily Tribute. All others may be traded to other players.
  • Weapons
  • Companions: Only Sentinels and those obtained from Baro Ki'Teer may be traded.
  • Archwing Weapons: Though only those from Baro Ki'Teer are available for trading.
  • Skins and cosmetics
  • Arcanes
  • Focus
  • Keys
  • Components and Resources
  • Prime Parts: Blueprints and crafted weapon parts only, fully crafted Primes are not available for trading.
  • Ayatan Treasures
  • Blueprints
  • Emotes
  • Imprints
  • Relics
  • Miscellaneous Items: Examples are fish, Ayatan Stars, scenes, etc.
  • Platinum: Platinum earned for free is not tradeable, only those bought through the shop.

Sell Warframe Items For Real Money

With all the tradeable items above, sellers can earn a tidy sum. If they sell the Prime sets suggested above, they can have a great profit after a few hours of farming. Of course, they wouldn't be able to go far without the help of the online marketplace. It offers so many benefits to sellers such as trading oversight, an active community of traders, and freedom to price their offers however they want.

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