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How Do People Sell a Top War Account?

Whatever someone’s reason for selling a Top War Account, they generally take the following factors into account:

  • Commander Level
  • Units Collected
  • Combat Power
  • Items and Resources

First up, the Commander level indicates how far the account has gone in progressing in the game. This level also unlocks useful features and mechanics. Some sellers try to raise this as high as they can before selling their account.

Second, the units in question mostly pertain to heroes. These are unique units with special abilities. The most ideal ones that gamers want are the gold/orange heroes. They are the best at increasing the CP of the account. In general, a sizable army can also increase the account’s value in the eyes of a buyer, but not as much as heroes.

Third, Combat Power represents the rough estimate of an account’s strength. It’s not an exact representation, as strategy plays a part. That means some lower CP accounts can beat higher CP ones, though it won’t always work.

Fourth, items and resources are important for upgrading everything. That includes buildings, units, and armies. All are important to increasing CP as well as possibly opening up new strategies. At any rate, buyers commonly go for accounts that have a stockpile of these.

Sometimes sellers will try to anticipate buyer preferences. There could be some who prefer a developed Navy over the Army or vice versa. While this is only a secondary consideration, something like this might attract greater interest from a buyer. Although most sellers do actually want a balanced army.

Where Do Online Sellers Sell Their Top War Account?

Online sellers always want to find the best trading platform that suits their needs perfectly. Here are some of the requirements that sellers frequently have when looking for a platform to sell their account on:

  • Security – Sellers want to feel secure when they are trading with others online, so might look for platforms with features such as an escrow system that provides an extra layer of safety to their transaction.
  • Buyers – Many sellers find that it’s easier for buyers to locate their offers when they trade on online marketplaces rather than social media or forums. This is especially true for marketplaces that have a large userbase.
  • Feedback – Platforms that allow sellers and buyers to leave feedback for each other are generally favored, as it allows for more transparency between the two parties. Both sides of the trade have a better idea of who they are trading with this way.

A gamer considering selling their account should check out the game’s policies and rules about buying and selling accounts before proceeding.

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