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The First Descendant is a new title in Nexon’s vast library of games. This looter shooter takes elements from its predecessors like Warframe and Shatterline. The game features 19 unlockable characters with unique skins, skills, and equipment. The First Descendant also has its premium currency called Caliber that can be purchased with real money. Some aspects of the game require intense grinding for quest items. For example, unlocking characters like Bunny or Ajax requires acquiring core items to research. This may take hours to complete. Because of this, players may become tired from grinding for the items, characters, or even the skins.

Players may choose to sell their The First Descendant account to let other players have a head-start on the game. The grind may be tedious, but some may be willing to dedicate themselves to it. Traders can earn from selling their account, while buyers can have a decent inventory of items on hand and get a bit ahead of the game.

Ultimate skins, Caliber, research equipment to unlock characters, all of these add up to the selling price of The First Descendant account.

Does Caliber Matter in Selling The First Descendant Account?

Since Caliber is the premium currency in The First Descendant, it matters if there is any of this currency left in the account before the transaction. This also applies to Battle Pass progression. Traders must also look at the current marketplace price for selling The First Descendant account.

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