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Selling Temtem Pansun for Real Money Real Quick

Having tons of money in Temtem can really open up the game for players. Besides being able to buy TemCards, the money can also be used to buy supplies that can help them catch even more Temtem than before! Temtem is a game that’s still in early access (based on Steam) despite the many years it already has under its belt. Despite that, however, the game recently skyrocketed into stardom because of the homage it gives to Pokémon, a world-renowned game. What’s more, cross-play is allowed across all platforms—with the exception of the PlayStation 4. With Temtem further expanding its influence to other consoles, you can expect to sell even more Temtem currency than before! So what are you waiting for? Sell your Temtem currency here now!

How Do I Sell Money in Temtem?

In order for you to sell the currency, simply follow these steps:

  1. Register/log in as a seller.
  2. Post your offers.
  3. Wait until a buyer is interested in buying your currency.
  4. Communicate with the buyer regarding how you’ll be transferring the currency to their account (this can be done by either setting up a time and place to meet in-game or other related ways to do so).
  5. Wait for the buyer to confirm to our system to send in the payment to you.

What is Pansun (Pacsun)?

Pansun (or Pacsun) is the name of the official currency of Temtem. While it is called Pansun, players simply call Temtem money as “money”. Pansun can be used to buy items that will aid you in battle or in catching and taming monsters. They can also be used to purchase TemCards which are devices that is used in the game for storing your Temtems. These TemCards are very similar to Pokemon’s very own Pokeballs which are also used for catching wild monsters.

How Do I Get Money in Temtem?

Simply defeating Temtems won’t pay the bills. Luckily, there are various ways for you to earn money in the game. To get you started, here are some of the options you can choose from to jumpstart your selling business:

Battle Trainers

Throughout your journey, you’ll be battling other players. For each trainer that you defeat, you’ll get paid a small amount of money. Sure, it won’t necessarily break banks, but once you’ve defeated many of them it can accumulate into something bigger. And besides, battling is one of the important aspects in Temtem. However, the well can run dry once you finish the story. Once you’ve become the champion in the game, you’ve mostly likely battled all of the available trainers. Thankfully, there’s another option for you to try when this happens.

Join the Free Temtem Society

If you’ve run out of players to battle, then your next move is to join the Free Temtem Society. In order to join, you have to visit them in Route 5 to formally become a member. The goal of the Free Temtem Society is to free as many Temtems as possible. By catching and releasing Temtem, you can collect money from the group. Once you meet up with them, they’ll check just how many Temtems you’ve caught and released so far before measuring just how much Temtem currency they’ll give to you. There’s also the level of Temtems and their catch rate that you have to worry about. For example, if you’ve caught and released high-leveled Temtems as opposed to low leveled ones, you’ll be up for an even bigger paycheck!

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