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Temtem Items For Sale Here in PlayerAuctions

Since the Temtem release date was only a short time ago, the amount of items is still continuously growing until the game is finally officially released. Players, especially beginners, more often than not make the same mistake during the start of the game—which is using up all of their items immediately despite not having any money at all. That’s where you come in. By selling useful and affordable items to the buyers, you’ll not only make their life easier, but you’ll also get to earn some cash while doing so!

How Do I Sell Temtem Items for Real Money?

To sell Temtem items, just follow this procedure:

  1. Register/log in as a seller.
  2. Post your offer(s) through our system.
  3. Wait for a buyer to avail of your offer(s).
  4. Once there’s a buyer, coordinate a time and place to meet up in-game.
  5. Meet with the buyer in-game and begin trading the items.
  6. Wait for the buyer to make the confirmation to our system to send in the payment to you.

Items That You Should Stock Up On

Items in Temtem are generally stored in the backpack. Luckily, the backpacks don’t seem to run out of space so buyers won’t have to worry about buying too much. There are different types of items in Temtem: Medicine, Courses, Gear, Capture, and Medicine. Although courses and keys are items that you have to get on your own, there are still a lot of important items that players can take advantage of.

Here are some of the items that are worth stocking up on:

1. TemCards

TemCards are what you use for capturing and storing Temtems. At the start of the game, players will get six TemCards from Professor Konstantinos to jumpstart your goal of becoming the champion. However, TemCards can easily run out, especially if the monster that you’re trying to catch is extremely powerful. Luckily, there is no purchase limit when getting TemCards, so players can buy as much as they want. Stocking up on TemCards will prove to be a wise investment as they can sell out fast if you price them competitively.

2. Healing Items

Healing items such as Balms, Tonics, and Revives are a player’s saving grace in Temtem. These types of items can be used during or outside of combat. They deal with status ailments and help heal your Temtem’s health or stamina. For example, the Balm is one of the most iconic items in the game. It restores 25 HP to one of your monsters. The Tonic, on the other hand, restores both your HP and Stamina. What’s more, there are Revives which in our opinion, what the players are mostly after. True to its name, this item revives your Temtem after being unceremoniously knocked out.

3. DNA Strands

DNA Strands are usually sold at the Breeding Center, but you can sell them for much less. There are different types of DNA Stands that you can collect and then sell. The most expensive one as of now is the Engineered DNA Strand, which passes down a Trait from the host Temtem down to the new hatchlings. Currently, there are 12 DNA Strands that you can collect and trade to players. They usually range from 300-1500 Pansun.

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