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Sell Sun Classic Account for Real Money

Just as buyers have many reasons to take a seller’s offer, sellers can have many reasons to sell their SUN Classic account. Soul of the Ultimate Nation (aka SUN) is the reboot of the 2007 version released by Webzen. It has new life with QoL updates, improved graphics and HUD, and faster leveling.

Faster leveling in particular is a great boon to account sellers. It means shorter production times for their offers. More of those mean more profits, so this works out for them. Of course, the buyers must choose what they put up for sale to earn cash.

Types of Sun Classic Accounts to Sell

Sellers have to meet the demands of buyers so their offers will be taken, and they can profit. Here are some of the common needs of buyers.

  • High-level: helps the buyer skip the long grind to the high levels and the endgame.
  • Geared: this may or may not be leveled but has the resources (such as Heim, Stones for Enchanting, or Crystals for Awakening) and equipment to sustain the buyer in their level grinding.
  • Collector: some players like collecting items, and this kind of account gives buyers satisfaction without having to farm for them. Especially important because of the game’s Collection mechanic that can boost the player’s stats.
  • Blank Slate: a newly created account for those who want to start over

Some buyers might be picky and are looking for a mix of the above account types. Sellers must look at the trends and determine the best type to sell at specific periods to maximize profit. Otherwise, they can be open for negotiation, and the buyer can customize their order. An indication of whether or not customization is allowed on the offer description would help buyers.

Trading has Never Been Easier

Sellers flourish in an online marketplace. With tight security, a vast trading community, and the freedom to set their own prices, their online businesses will prosper. They must find the one with all those characteristics and bookmark that page. Then they can enjoy their new prosperity.

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