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Make Money Playing SUN Classic

Playing old-school MMOs like Soul of the Ultimate Nation: Classic is challenging. A game with hack-and-slash mechanics can be fun but has heavy repetition that can be tedious, and this is where expert gamers can come in. With their expertise, sellers can use that knowledge to earn real money. There are multiple ways they can power level and boost accounts in Soul of the Ultimate Nation: Classic or S.U.N.: Classic for short.

What Kind of Powerleveling & Booster Are There?

There are six classes available in S.U.N.: Classic, and they are Berserker, Valkyrie, Elementalist, Dragon Knight, and Shadow. Each focuses on a specific skill set and specialties; let's break down each of them.

  • Character Level: An essential yet tedious job, grinding to get that experience points for the change to upgrade character stats and skills.
  • Character Skills: All of the six classes have unique abilities from one another; upgrading the skill from the skill tree will increase the effectiveness of those skills to either buff, debuff, damage, or heal a target.
  • Gear and Weapons: There are items in S.U.N.: Classic that is hard to attain; as a power leveler, you can help them obtain these items to help out a fellow player.

These are only the top three things sellers can do to powerlevel and boost another player's account. What makes things more interesting is that they can set the price and the terms on how far they will boost the account.

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