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Why Stalkers Sell Stalker Online Rubles

Trading rubles for real money is called player-to-player trading or real money trading. Due to its nature of converting currencies of contrasting realities, this kind of transaction is easy to manipulate. For this reason, sellers look for sites that they feel are trustworthy to trade on. These are a few of the things that they look for:

  • Safety and Security – Marketplaces with security features are favored by sellers and should ensure that both parties hold up their ends of the deal without the need for a third to interfere.
  • Reputation Systems – A review system allows both sellers and buyers to see which traders are the most trustworthy on a given platform. Trust between buyers and sellers means more successful trades.
  • Longevity – Big communities mean that there is a bigger pool of customers that can take interest in an offer. Sellers won’t have to worry about ignored offers.

Consult the game’s policies and terms for insights on possible consequences. Asking the advice of a professional about these policies will further deepen a seller’s understanding. Be sure to prepare well for all possibilities.

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