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How to Deliver Your Sea of Thieves Power Leveling Service?

If you want to go the traditional way, make the offer to boost reputation or unlock stuff. When someone takes your offer, the customer will give their account details. You'll then play their account for an agreed upon amount of time. When time's up, they can confirm the delivery of your service so you can get paid.

However, Sea of Thieves is quite different. There's no rule against Pirate Legends pretending to be a newbie and joining a crew on its maiden voyage. In that way, even players new to the game can go on legendary voyages, without being a Sea of Thieves legendary pirate first. That means you can boost your crewmate's reputation for the Athena's Fortune faction, even if they're just starting out.

Otherwise, you can go with them in their adventures to increase their reputation and help them along. There's no set progression system in Sea of Thieves, so boosting other players isn't frowned upon.

In that case, exchange your in-game names and go on adventures to increase reputation for the negotiated amount of time or voyages. After that, they can confirm the delivery.

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Through the aforementioned methods, you can give access to legendary voyages to other people. By making offers here, you can do that and get paid real money to do so! Isn't it a dream to get paid to play games? Go and register now to earn while you increase your reputation in Sea of Thieves.

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Sea of Thieves: How to Sell Chests, Gunpowder, and Skull?

Unfortunately, you can't sell your hard-earned loot and stuff to other players. For one thing, there's the constant threat of other crews who could board your ship while you sail. There's also the fact that it all disappears if you just leave them in the boat when you log out. Both of these mean that you can't hoard whatever booty you want and give them away later on.

The closest you can get is to sell your service to accompany them on adventures collecting all of the above. After all, everybody in the crew gets the gold and reputation from selling chests, crates, and skulls to the respective faction representative.

In conclusion, there's no way you can go from an actual nobody to a Pirate Legend without going through voyages. Good thing you can play with friends so you're not alone.

Go you scallywag, and enjoy your adventures in the Sea of Thieves!

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