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It’s a cold and cruel world in Puzzles & Survival. With survivors struggling to live day by day, it’s up to the commanders of their sanctuary to keep the hope and its people alive. By deploying troops to the map, letting heroes participate in PvP Arena, and more, the sanctuary and its people will be able to flourish.

What It Takes to Build An Army in Puzzles & Survival

Bearing the responsibility for a safe haven amidst the already broken world is no easy task, but fear not, as there are some ways to make things a tad easier for the players. In the zombie apocalyptic world, it’s survival of the fittest out there. The idea of being in control of a fort that will fight off the undead isn’t really something new these days. However, what’s great about it in Puzzles & Survival is that players have the chance to make it into something grander, something more fortified.

  1. Train and Upgrade the Troops Accordingly

    Since Puzzles & Survival is a defense tower type of game, it’s important to have troops that are ready to either defend the base or conquer other lands. Players can acquire troops simply by recruiting them. Simply amassing these troops may sound like a good strategy, but it’s not exactly great. For one, when progressing through the game, the undead becomes stronger. And second, other players can catch a whiff of the loot that a player is stashing in their fort that results in potentially getting raided. If the enemy’s troops and/or zombies are stronger than that of the troops, then players can kiss their sanctuary goodbye. To avoid this, players must train and upgrade their troops accordingly. Troops are one of the most important aspects of Puzzles & Survival because players can use them to carry out hunts and raids on the world map. The more troops that a player has, the more Might the fort will accumulate. Might, specifically, is the fort’s overall strength.

    There are four types of troops in Puzzles & Survival: Rider, Vehicle, Fighter, and Shooter. These units each have their camp they can train on. Training requires resources such as food and time, lots of it. Players will have to be patient if they want their troops to improve, but it pays off in the end. They also use speedups which can be earned while playing the main campaign. Besides that, there’s also the option of using diamonds, the game’s premium currency that can be bought with real money.

    Upgrading troops is different from training them. Training them simply increases their Might, while upgrading lets players unlock stronger/evolved forms of their base troops. To upgrade troops, players must first improve each of the unit’s training camps. Much like in other games, a better variant of something always leads to giving more resources than before. But not rest that the effort will not be in vain, as the troops that are upgraded are statistically stronger than the base troops. Stats can also be improved by using the research centers in the fort.

  2. Recruit and Upgrade Heroes

    Sticking to the original heroes the game gives players is fine and all, but sometimes, a worthy upgrade can lead to having an easier time in the game. Players can recruit heroes by going to Noah’s Tavern which is located in every player’s sanctuary. Upon entering, gamers have the option to choose between three types of recruitments: basic recruitment, intermediate recruitment, and advanced recruitment. Basic recruitment means that players are only able to get 2 and 3-star heroes. Intermediate recruitment, on the other hand, has the chance to get players 2 to 4-star heroes. Finally, advanced recruitment can give players a chance of getting 2 to 5-star heroes. To start the recruitment, players will have to shell out recruit coins which is the currency used to get heroes to join their cause. Recruit coins can be earned for free by simply playing through the main campaign. These can also be claimed by players since the game gives it to them after every certain amount of time. The higher the star rating a hero has, the stronger they are.

    Heroes, just like troops, can also be upgraded. Through the use of antiserum, players can upgrade their heroes to the point where they are ready to evolve. Evolving a hero means that they can transform into becoming a better version of themselves. Heroes can also be enhanced by spending hero frags. This will increase the base stats of heroes and boost their passive Troop Skills.

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