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Why Sell PUBG Mobile Account

While the biggest reason for players to sell a PUBG Mobile Account is to earn money, doing so also helps players that want to have a snazzier account but do not have the time and patience for it.

Setting a Price on PUBG Mobile Account

Those that have a PUBG Mobile Account in which they have put in hours of effort or are loaded with incredible items that may interest other gamers could sell their profile at prices that they want. It is, however, recommended that they keep it close to the actual value of the content of the account, such as its level, amount of in-game currency, items included in it, and many others.

The Best Skins for PUBG Mobile

A battle royale game wouldn’t be complete without some sort of gun skins, and luckily, PUBG Mobile has a lot of them. If sellers want to try and attract some buyers to at least have a look at their PUBG accounts, they ought to have at least one of these skins in their collection:

1. M416 Glacier

The M416 Glacier is the ultimate fan-favorite weapon skin for PUBG Mobile. This upgradeable skin has a frozen, icy appearance, giving it that cool look. What makes the M416 Glacier unique is that it has a particular effect that allows the user to see a snowy, glowing animation upon shooting an enemy.

2. Hellfire AKM

Considered as one of the best skins for the AKM in PUBG Mobile, the Hellfire AKM skin doesn’t require any upgrade as it has its finish feed and loot crate. The reason why this skin is so unique is that it was released by Krafton developers, making it a legendary skin that’s only owned by a few players in the game.

3. Golden Trigger M416

Ah, the Golden Trigger M416, one of the rarest skins in the entirety of the game. This particular skin is only owned by a handful in the community and provides a royal look to the iconic weapon. If one were to think of the “holy grail” of all weapon skins in PUBG Mobile, this is it.

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