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In a game where social interaction plays a huge part in its mass appeal, "Popularity" holds a lot of weight. This is certainly the case with PUBG Mobile. From widening one’s network of friends to being on the receiving end of gifts, Popularity matters (Popularity is an in-game stat/metric in PUBG Mobile). It comes part & parcel with PUBG’s overall gameplay. Unfortunately, some players might have a hard time reaching their desired Popularity levels. Fortunately, they can turn to Popularity sellers

How to Increase PUBG Mobile Popularity

The higher the popularity, the pricier an offer will be. Here are a few surefire ways of boosting PUBG Mobile popularity.

  • Play with Randoms – Playing with random players offers a chance to make new connections. The better the play, the likelier it is for them to give their thumbs up which can eventually lead to a Popularity spike!
  • Call a Friend – This is perhaps the easiest to do. Players can call in a favor from a friend to visit their Space and leave a gift, as well as return the favor.
  • Use a Second Account – Those that have alternate accounts can use them to give the main one a Popularity boost, They can even use BP or Silver Frags.
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