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Why Sell Phasmophobia Accounts?

Even a year after its initial release, Phasmophobia still remains one of the most popular games in the ghost-hunting genre. Even today, gamers are joining in on the fun and exploring haunted houses to find ghosts. Players who are looking to sell their accounts that have to an abundance of in-game cash, high-level modes, and an abundance of items are sure to find eager buyers.

How to Make Money and Gain Exp for Phasmophobia Accounts?

Sellers looking to seller their accounts should make sure they have what buyers want. High-level accounts with an abundance of cash are always going to generate interest. Here are some tips on how to gain money and exp:

Take Photos of Ghost Activities

Players looking to sell accounts should make sure that they always bring a photo camera with them. Photographing and documenting can be used to capture ghost activities within an area. Each photo can yield up to $10 if the player survives and $5 if they die during the investigation. Here is the list of things ghost hunters can photograph in-game:

  1. Dead bodies
  2. Bones
  3. Fingerprints and Footprints
  4. Dirty Water in Sinks
  5. Ghost Interactions or Appearances
  6. Ouija Boards
  7. Voodoo Dolls

Each photo camera can only take up to 5 shots, so players should make sure to bring extra cameras with them.

Completing All Objectives

Other than figuring out what type of ghost haunts the area, there are other objectives that players can accomplish. Those who are looking to sell Phasmophobia accounts should make sure to clear every objective to maximize the exp and cash gained. Here is the list of possible optional objectives players can accomplish:

  • Have someone witness a ghost event
  • Photograph a Ghost
  • Detect a ghost with motion sensors
  • Find evidence of the ghost using EMF Readers
  • Use Smudge Sticks to cleanse the area near the ghost
  • Photograph a dirty sink
  • Use a thermometer to detect a room below 10 degrees Celsius
  • Prevent a ghost from hunting using a crucifix


If all else fails and players die on the job, they can still get some of their money back via item insurance. Only maps played on Amateur and Intermediate modes have item insurance, so if players are not yet confident in their survival skills, it is best to stick with these modes.

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