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How Players Sell an Outriders Account

Outriders focus on equipment and the class skill tree to strengthen characters. When wanting to sell Outriders account, there are a few things that sellers think about:

  • Good equipment – People generally look for someone selling an account that has the best weapons and armor. Sure, there’s a crafting option in the end game, but sellers want to give convenience to the buyer. If the seller already has the best equipment, the buyer doesn’t have to craft anything. Gear also has varying rarity, so the more epic and legendary gear it has, the more buyers tend to be willing to pay for it.
  • Classes - The game allows the creation of up to 6 characters, and there are four classes. Sellers want to give players the option to choose an account with all four classes or with just the class they want.
  • Progression - There could be starter accounts with the story incomplete but with good gear. Otherwise, the account can have the story completed and is ready for the endgame.

Where Do Players Sell Their Outriders Account?

Sellers feel that they get the best out of player-to-player trading when they join a marketplace site. One benefit of which is that they get increased security by trading within a community, on a site with payment systems such as an escrow to ensure trades are successful.

By trading on a site with a large userbase, a seller’s offers are also exposed to more buyers. Having a dedicated community of traders increases exposure to the seller’s offer, thus increasing the chances of getting profit. Combine that with the ability to price offers lower than in other sites, the offers become more attractive to potential buyers.

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