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Why Do People Want to Sell ODIN: Valhalla Rising Accounts?

ODIN: Valhalla is the latest MMORPG from Kakao Games, a Korean game developing company. Showcasing an open world based on Norse mythology, you’ll no doubt be seeing some of the most prominent gods and goddesses—or at least their statues in the beautiful cities that the game is set in. ODIN: Valhalla Rising was slated for release sometime in 2020, but was delayed down the line due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Kakao Games, however, has made it a point to release the game in 2021 as best as they could. This is for the Asia release, not the Western release. Specifically, after the South Korean release, Taiwan, Hongkong, and Macau will be the next regions to have a server. Though players can expect a Western release, they shouldn’t assume that it will come early. In fact, there’s no confirmation yet with regards to ODIN: Valhalla Rising being released on the Western shores.

There’s no news yet of what to expect either, but they’ve managed to release two trailers that showed some of the regions you could explore, different biomes in each area, and presumably players that are flying around Jotunheim with the help of some winged beasts. Quite frankly, the game is looking very similar to Black Desert Online. This isn’t bad by any means. After all, Black Desert Online is one of the best Korean-made MMORPGs to date. However, what ODIN: Valhalla Rising is trying to do is feature what Black Desert Online did best while also improving upon the features that it lacked. ODIN: Valhalla Rising will be released on two platforms: mobile and PC. With all the hype behind it and players wanting to jump into this game, it’s no surprise that there are those who want to sell an account too.

What will ODIN: Valhalla Rising Offer?

There’s not much to say as of the moment in terms of what we can expect when diving into the world of ODIN: Valhalla Rising, but it looks like it will offer the traditional features that we’ve come to know and love about MMOs in general. These include things such as a party system, dungeons, mounts, boss battles, and mob battles. If you’re familiar with Kakao Games, they’re the ones who published Elyon Ascent Infinite Realm, an MMORPG that’s focused on the usage of dynamic combat and diverse skill combinations. Elyon Ascent Infinite Realm is a great game with mechanics that make the game more fun, so it’s good to know that ODIN: Valhalla Rising is in capable hands.

The Mobile vs. PC Debate: Which is Better?

PC gaming has always been regarded as a superior way of playing games by some people. However, the kicker is that you’d need to spend tons of money to get stellar framerates and better fluidity of motion. Not everyone has the chance—or even the budget—to own a computer. That is why some turn to console gaming. Consoles have been a focal point in gaming as far as 1972 when the Magnavox Odyssey was first released. Video game consoles have been a staple in people’s houses and have since come a long way. The PS5 and Xbox Series X are two prime examples of what the current generation has to offer. While both consoles aren’t able to run 8k yet, Sony and Microsoft have both made it clear that they are capable of doing so in the future. Mobile gaming, on other hand, has seen much improvement over the past few years, proving to be a serious contender for gaming. You can now enter entire virtual worlds with just a phone in your pocket. Sure, there are minor cutbacks in terms of graphics, but based on how the mobile gaming industry has been advancing, we wouldn’t be surprised if someday they were able to replicate what the PC offers.

ODIN: Valhalla Rising has been touted as an impressive “next-gen game” for mobile phones. There’s no shame in only playing your ODIN: Valhalla Rising account through your mobile if it’s your only option. The best part is, ODIN: Valhalla Rising is a cross-platform MMORPG title, meaning you can play with other players without any barrier. This also means that there will almost be no difference in terms of gameplay in both versions.

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