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Sell Noah’s Heart Account with the Best Phantoms

The abilities of a Phantom offer a great advantage to players; however, players can only randomly summon them by spending currency in Noah’s Heart. Players can claim this currency by finishing challenges or grinding, but since Noah’s Heart is a gacha game, it will take a lot of time (and luck) to get the Phantoms they want. By selling Noah’s Heart accounts, sellers can give gamers an optional route. Having the best Phantoms is a huge plus, as that’s what most players are looking for and will massively increase the price of Noah’s Heart accounts for sellers.

The Different Grades of Phantoms

The Phantoms in Noah’s Heart have three grades—all of which are based on their strength.

  • The SSR grade has most of the best Phantoms in the game; this is where the powerful units with the best skills reside. Some of the Phantoms that belong in this grade are Ave, Vivian, Kiko, Antonia, Da Vinci, Gretel, and Aurora.
  • Meanwhile, the SR grade is the middle-tier, offering a decent amount of performance when doing challenges. The Phantoms that belong in the SR grade are Victor, Moses, Charlie, Euclid, Hughes, and Fong.
  • Finally, the R grade has the least skilled Phantoms in the game; players won’t be able to do much with these types of heroes. The R grade Phantoms consist of Joe, Philo, Laurent, Valjean, Marcella, Soji, and Martell. If a seller has any R grade Phantoms, the value of their accounts will surely rise.
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