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Earn Money by Playing Noah’s Heart

Noah’s Heart can be an extremely grindy game since players can have dozens of Phantoms. Due to the gacha nature of the game, gamers might have to level up units they don’t want to until they get their desired characters. The number of times adventurers need to power up their Phantoms can be pretty exhausting, so many people might be looking for alternative ways to strengthen their rosters.

Players can earn money by choosing to powerlevelers other gamers’ accounts. Power leveling who can spend hundreds of hours on leveling up Phantoms of other people can make a profit for their time. The game is set up to contend with other popular Gacha adventure titles so that Powerlevelers will find more customers over time.

How Should Sellers Level Up Phantoms?

There are many ways to increase the power of units in Noah’s Heart. Leveling up, equipping strong weapons, and upgrading skills are all essential aspects of a player’s progression. Powerlevelers need to focus more on leveling up Phantoms. 

There are three ways of increasing the levels of an account’s units. The first one is to use currencies to add experience points to target characters. However, boosters should avoid or not focus on this since their customers might want to save these resources for other purposes. The most stable and consistent way of powering up is via Phantom training. 

In training, power levelers will run dungeons with specific units that will receive exp upon completing the raid. Players must run this option multiple times to max out chosen characters. Powerlevelers should be willing to spend as much time as possible in this mode. 

The last option is to reset Phantoms. Resetting will cause a unit to revert to its base level and transfer all the EXP to a target character. This method is something players can consider. Boosters can do this if they prefer to gain experience using a specific character. After maxing out that unit, they can reset the Phantom and transfer all the EXP to the customer’s desired team.

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