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Selling Information

About Selling Naruto Online Accounts

No matter the reason, the best way to sell Naruto Online Accounts is to set up offers on a reliable trading platform. From the top-of-the-line security to the various opportunities to raise earnings, it's more beneficial than just trying to sell accounts on their own. Plus, if they're alone and the buyer suddenly tries something, they've got nothing to fall back on. At least, when on an online marketplace, the marketplace can oversee and investigate disputes.

How do they know a marketplace is trustworthy? Well, they should check out the site's community and longevity. These two characteristics tell so much about the quality of service it provides. Without the former, it wouldn't have the latter, and the latter adds to the former's number. It's the good kind of a vicious cycle.

Setting a Price

While sellers have the freedom to set their own prices, there are some things to consider. Set a price too high and buyers might turn away. Set it too low and the seller won't get enough profits. There has to be a balance between the two. One method is to look at other offers and base the price on those. Otherwise, they can look at the following and set a price according to these characteristics.

  • Account Level
  • Battle Power
  • Initiative
  • Ninjas Collected

Of course, some bias would come into this, as different people can value the same things differently. However, as long as the seller would keep in mind to find the balance of value, it should be fine.

Sellers, be sure to read up on the game's policies about this kind of trade. The alternative is potentially getting into something difficult to get out of, so avoid that by reading up. Find more details about this by asking for legal counsel if needed.

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