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Make Money Playing Myth of Empires

Myth of Empires features a struggle for freedom where players must fight to survive and get a foothold in a world of war and violence. Like other multiplayer open-world sandbox game, players can craft many items by using natural resources that are scattered around the area. The gameplay of Myth of Empires features wars between big armies, establishing an empire, and capturing cities. As players level up in the game, they get closer to having their empire, but it’s easier said than done. First off, they have to employ specific tactics to level up fast – this, in itself, is already an obstacle. There’s also the matter of collecting crafting recipes, of which Myth of Empires has by the thousands. As a result, some buyers and gamers consider getting powerleveling services for Myth of Empires to decrease their “workload”; this is where the sellers come in. By offering these services, they can make money by simply playing the game.

The Secrets to Leveling Up Fast in Myth of Empires

Leveling up fast in Myth of Empires is essential for every player as a higher level means more benefits. To help sellers level up as efficiently and quickly as possible, they must know the secrets on how to do so.

Level 1-16: Doing the Basics

When a player is just starting their journey, the first thing that they ought to do is to complete as many quests as they can. Doing these missions/quests will reward players with XP which is going to help them level up. Luckily, from level 1 to 16, players don’t need a crazy amount of XP, so the process isn’t too time-consuming. The great thing about leveling up in this manner is that not only will sellers farm XP, but they’ll also be farming a whole slew of resources through those quests as they complete them. The main reason why most players want to at least reach level 16 is that this is where they’ll be able to enter the PvP server.

Beyond Level 16: Entering the PvP Server

For accounts that are at least level 16, sellers will have to enter the PvP server to level up further. The reason being is that they can obtain much more resources there which, in turn, gives them a significant amount of XP compared to just completing missions and quests. Another reason is that they can acquire two Blessings on the server. A Blessing can give players extra XP for an hour, so use them wisely. These Blessings also come at a relatively high cost if players want to buy them, but they’re more than worth it for those that are trying to power level in Myth of Empires.

If the Blessings are all set, sellers can finally go outside and gather resources. They must gather as much wood, stone, copper, iron, and any other gatherable resource as they can. The more resources they accumulate, the more XP they’ll get before the hour is up.

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