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When it comes to combat, players need to choose the best weapons and armor to effectively kill their opponents. Depending on their playstyle, players can pick the weapon that best serves them. For starters, with the bow, they’re able to initiate and deal decent ranged damage. The spear, on the other hand, is perfect for stun-locking opponents while enhancing shield defenses. Whether it be one-handed, ranged, or two-handed weapons, there’s something for everybody in Myth of Empires – the only problem is getting them. This is why there are sellers in third-party marketplaces that flip items. By doing so, not only will they be helping buyers get the items that they need for their journey, but they’ll also be earning a profit from it.

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Just like in any other survival game, crafting the right tool for the job is essential if players want to progress. Building weapons to conquer the various enemies that roam around the in-game world is practically a staple in the genre, and the same can be said for Myth of Empires. With over 1,000 recipes to be discovered (not just referring to food items), there are numerous weapons, tools, and armor to be crafted using the multitude of materials and other resources. Heck, there’s even medicine that can be crafted to heal one’s character and stave off disease. Besides that, each item in the game is authentic to the Ancient Eastern period, giving more immersion to this already immersive world. If sellers have a wide array of recipes available, they can simply collect the materials and resources needed for it and craft as many as they can. Afterward, they can simply sell their extras in the marketplace and sellers can earn a tidy profit.

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