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Why Sell Myth of Empires Copper Coins?

As a sandbox survival game, a lot of things happen in Myth of Empires that put the lives of the players’ characters in danger. Strong enemies, dangerous beasts, and aggressive players are just some of the perils gamers will face as they try to establish a foothold in their respective servers. There are several ways for gamers to ensure their survival such as upgrading their skills and paying taxes for protection. However, these features can be quite costly, especially at the later stages of the game. Those who are looking to sell Myth of Empires Copper Coins can easily make a profit since the currency is an essential resource that is used every day. The prices of all the expenses make sure the demand for coins is always high. Sellers will not find any shortage of players needing coins to pay for their upgrades.

How to Farm Lots of Myth of Empires Copper Coins?

For sellers, it is important to have a vast amount of copper coin reserves to keep a steady profit. Players must make sure that they know where and how to farm copper coins fast. Ensuring that they do not run out of the currency is one way of profiting from this venture. Here are some tips sellers can follow for Myth of Empires copper coins farming:

  • Farm Mobs in Low Level Areas because they are easier to farm, they can be killed quickly, and less time consuming than High Level mobs.
  • Try to farm low level bandits located at banks.
  • Use fast weapons when farming in low level areas to clear mobs faster.
  • Copper coins drop are doubled in PvP servers.
  • Gold border enemies drop the most coins.
  • Standard border enemies drop decent coins.
  • For players with higher levels, farming high-level strongholds using a horse and polearm is an effective way of earning money.
  • Be wary of other players since they might take the loot.
  • Riverbanks and Strongholds are the best places to farm.
  • Use quick weapons to deal the most damage like swords or daggers.
  • Using weapon proficiency skills will help make the grind easier.
  • Time the attacks to avoid getting blocked by enemies.
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