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There’s a lot to do in Myth of Empires, so much so that it can be overwhelming. Players do have the right to build their empire however they want, but all will be for naught if they don’t know how to execute their plans in the first place. The ultimate goal in the game is to construct everything from one’s equipment to multiple workstations, buildings, and structures to create and expand what players would soon call their home. All of that is easier said than done though, as gamers have to toil their way gathering resources and items for their goal. Luckily, there are third-party marketplaces where sellers can thrive by selling their pre-made Myth of Empires accounts, complete with all the bells and whistles, to rookies or players that are looking for smurfs.

Tips When Playing Myth of Empires

It never hurts to know a thing or two more about how to play Myth of Empires as efficiently as possible, especially for the sellers that are planning to sell multiple accounts. Check out some of the tips that sellers ought to try when playing Myth of Empires to maximize efficiency!

  1. Upgrading One’s Carrying Capacity

    At the start, players are given a carrying capacity of 150lbs. Now, this might seem like a hefty number at first, but as one begins to gather resources and explore more, that space fills up pretty quickly. Players can easily be inconvenienced by this, especially when everything they craft is made from scratch, making it a requirement to pick up everything they need. To avoid this, it’s best to upgrade their character’s carrying capacity early on when players gain the ability to craft a wooden chest that can be used to store items at their base. The wooden chest can be upgraded to fit more at later levels. For those that are constantly on the go, having a horse is essential as they have their own carrying capacity that dwarfs a player’s in comparison.

  2. Doing A Collectathon for Crafting Recipes

    Crafting the right tool for the job is key to progression in Myth of Empires. Building weapons to conquer various enemies is a staple in any sandbox game. However, Myth of Empires doesn’t exactly have a run-off-the-mill crafting system and offers something far more unique. There are over 1,000 crafting recipes to be found, and that’s not even referring to the food items. There are numerous armors, tools, and weapons to be crafted using a multitude of resources such as minerals. There are even medicines that can be crafted to stave off or heal diseases. Besides trying to upgrade one’s carrying capacity, doing a collect-a-thon of the many recipes that Myth of Empires has is the next best thing that players can do to have every item for any occasion.

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