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Make Money Playing Mortal Online 2

Mortal Online 2 is a sandbox MMO that has players doing various activities in order to progress or explore the game’s world. For gamers, powering up or increasing their stats is essential for all the game’s activities to make sure that they survive in their ventures. However, increasing the characters’ power in Myrland can be quite tedious and repetitive. Some skills require players to punch docile NPCs for hours to increase their skill points, especially if they do not have enough gold to buy skill books. Unfortunately, not all gamers have enough to commit to the game to ensure that they can keep up with other players. This problem creates an opportunity for power levelers or pilots as they can offer up their services for real-world money. For gamers who are willing to spend their time and energy, they can offer to play the accounts of other players to help them increase their power, skills, or gold.

What Should Pilots Focus on?

In MO2, there are three main aspects that gamers should focus on in order to progress: increasing skill points, farming crafting materials, and farming gold. These three activities are all aimed at increasing the power and survivability of the players’ characters. For people who are looking to sell their services, these are the aspects that they should highlight in their offers. Sellers can offer to increase the skill points of others by performing various activities in the game. They can also offer to farm valuable resources and gold that can help other gamers acquire better gear. For materials, here are the most valuable and sought-after materials that pilots can offer to farm:

  • Steel
  • Tungsteel
  • Cronite
  • Tindremic Messing
  • Skadite
  • Ognium

For gold farming, here are the most efficient ways of acquiring gold:

  • Pick and collect vegetables
  • Sell every item that is not needed.
  • Hunt wild pigs close to spawn
  • Farm Walker Zombies
  • Wood and Stone agriculture
  • Bandit Farming
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