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Why Sell Mortal Online 2 Items?

Mortal Online 2 is a sandbox MMORPG with hundreds of players active in the game. As a sandbox game, everything that happens in the game’s various regions depends on the residents of those places. In MO2, progression is based on skills acquired and the gear that characters have. Though skills can be leveled up through various activities in the game, crafting requires a bit more than just time and effort. Good weapons and good armor are created by players, and the materials needed to craft them can either be very common or extremely hard to acquire. For gamers looking to profit out of the game, they can take advantage of the rarities of several resources and items to earn real-world money. Sellers can definitely make quick money if they can meet the demand for the most used and the most sought-after materials or items.

What to Sell in MO2 Items?

In this sandbox MMO, the power and stats of the items in the game are determined by the materials used to craft them. Steel is the most commonly used metal to craft generally used armor and weapons. Sellers who have huge amounts of this resource might be able to find willing buyers in exchange for real-world money.

There are resources that are very hard or tedious to acquire, but these materials also provide additional boosts or bonus stats to the items they are used to craft. Here is the list of high-end metal crafting materials:

  • Tungsteel
  • Cronite
  • Tindremic Messing
  • Skadite
  • Ognium

These metals are very valuable due to the complicated steps needed to get or process them. Sellers can definitely make a profit if they are able to sell large quantities of these metal resources.

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