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Sell All Kinds of MO2 Accounts

Buyers have all kinds of reasons for buying an account. Wahtever it is, they can find what they need on the online marketplace. Sellers can offer a good variety of account types for every need. Here are the account types they can offer on the marketplace.

  • Blank Slate - Sometimes buyers just want a brand-new account to work with. A fresh start and a new character that would have different skills and professions from their last one. While it’s possible to reset characters or respec skills, there could be reasons why a brand-new account is preferable.
  • Good Advantage - These accounts have everything a player could need to level up all kinds of skills. Buyers wouldn’t have to spend hours gathering all these materials, which is not what they wanted to do. With this account, they can get their desired skills leveled up, and go straight to the activity they want.
  • High-Level - Though characters in Mortal Online 2 don’t have a single, unifying level, they can measure progress by how many skills are mastered. These accounts have high-level skills listed, so the buyer doesn’t have to level them up. The problem is that it may be low on resources and currency.

Sellers can also mix and match or offer an account that may not fit in any of the above categories. There’s no hard and fast rule that only those mentioned types are the only ones sellers can offer.

For the best results, make sure to price the accounts fairly. Buyers will not buy an expensive account if it’s not worth the price and will not check out the offer because of it. Too cheap and buyers will snap it up too quickly and the seller can’t profit. The middle ground between those two is the ideal place to be when setting a price.

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