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Selling Mortal Online 2 Gold - The Gold Farming Guide

Farming Mortal Online 2 Gold isn’t easy, especially when it’s the most valuable currency. Thankfully, there are a few methods that sellers can do to farm Gold while enjoying the game. Simply follow these tips and tricks to become a better and hopefully richer player:

  1. Farm Bandits

    For those that have decent gear already, bandit farming is the most profitable method in Mortal Online 2. All players have to do is simply equip a bow and arrow to target bandits from a distance; they can also choose to go mano a mano if they have significant melee damage. Just keep in mind that the ruins ought to be avoided since there’s a chance that too many bandits would spawn, making it harder to farm. Players can then sell all of the loots and gifts that they acquired from the bandits at high rates.

  2. Pig Hunting

    What’s there not to love about pigs? They provide good bones, leather, and other items – all of which can be sold. While players won’t make much money from these pigs, hunting them down is always a fun task to complete in Mortal Online 2. At the very least, they’ll gain a lot of essential commodities that they can sell down the line. Just remember that butchering the pigs is a requirement for them to be tradable.

  3. Collecting Wood and Stones

    Sticks and stones may break your bones, but at least you’ll get some Gold out of it. In the early parts of Mortal Online 2, everything can feel pretty boring at first since players are just building up their character. Thankfully, once they have a melee weapon, they can begin to collect wood and stones which they can sell later on. This farming method takes time compared to the other alternatives, making it not very much to do for most people.

  4. Zombie Farming

    Zombie farming should only be done by players who are prepared and have a firm grasp of the game’s combat system. Players can get great items from the zombies in Mortal Online 2, and best of all, they don’t need to loot everything – they can just simply loot the head since that’s where the “good stuff” is and leave the carcass if they want to. Zombies can usually be found in cemeteries, making them easy targets for players that are looking to get Gold.

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