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Sell Mortal Kombat Accounts for Real Money

Mortal Kombat's 11th iteration mostly stays the same in terms of gameplay. It's still the same gory, action-packed martial arts tournament players remember. However, that doesn't mean it's the same as the previous versions. MK11 has new modes, customization features, and a new spin on old Fatality animations.

A new story mode explores and expands the lore of the other games. In a twist from the previous game's ending, a well-intentioned goddess wants to wipe out the timeline to create a new, better one. Of course, this wouldn't stand with all the characters, so they must fight it out for a solution.

Sellers might have less to gain than buyers, but they can't deny the profits it can give. More than that, sometimes it's as simple as making a new account and selling it. It's no wonder why they are always looking for marketplaces and platforms to sell on.

Why Sell Mortal Kombat Accounts?

There are many reasons sellers do so. They could have gotten tired of the game, or they planned to grab some money the easy way. How this process is considered easy depends on the seller, though.

Making Profits Go Stonk

Mortal Kombat 11 accounts are more expensive when they contain limited edition things. In the trend of live-service games, there will be many skins and other collectibles that will be available only for specific periods. When buyers miss this, they can still obtain these things through an account seller. Some versions of the game could fall into this, especially the pre-order ones.

It has recorded progress. While buyers can prefer blank slate accounts (essentially newly-made accounts), some would pay extra to have complete collectibles, skins, or characters. This lets them skip grinding, which can be a tedious task.

It has achievements. Although some buyers prefer to achieve it themselves, others obtain them this way.

As the game isn't an MMO, there are no 'level-ups' marking the account's progress other than the time played. That means the more time the account logs while playing the game, the further it has gone. Still, it's not something that can increase an account's value, as, in the end, it doesn't confer any benefit to the buyer.

Blank Slate vs. 'Experienced' Accounts

Since this is a fighting game, the player's mechanics impact a character's performance more than anything else. This renders more 'experienced' accounts somewhat moot, as the buyer must practice with characters before they can enjoy winning streaks.

Compare that to selling MMO accounts, where levels and equipment have more influence on strength. With those accounts, buyers want stronger ones that won't have much difficulty in fights. They've also skipped grinding for levels, which is a time-consuming part of the game, and they can enjoy whatever feature they want to.

However, sellers will prefer to sell one kind or the other. There will always be a buyer for any offer made on the marketplace. After all, there's no way to predict what someone would prefer to have.

Online sellers prefer to have a consistent platform to set up shop on. The best kind won't take a significant cut of their profits through subscriptions (whether hidden or not). It also provides a thriving community of traders, ensuring there are always gamers looking for all kinds of products.

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