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Despite the overabundance of MMO strategy games in the mobile gaming market these days, Infinity Kingdom manages to capture the elements that veteran players of the genre enjoy and love but also mixes in features that make it stand out above the rest. Infinity Kingdom leaves players with a ton of activities to engage in, so much so that it can be overwhelming to some. Strategy games aren’t anything new, but it’s understandable why some gamers struggle with them. MMORTS games tend to host an array of mechanics that not a lot of new players can swallow easily. There’s a lot to take in, especially when players are in the initial stages of building their army and camp. As a result, some folks would rather get an Infinity Kingdom account that has all the bells and whistles from a third-party marketplace–a perfect opportunity for a seller that specializes in the game!

Things to Know About When Playing Infinity Kingdom

Strategy base builders can be entertaining or stressful, depending on what a player’s approach is. Those that want to start with their best foot, they’ll have to learn how to be as efficient as possible while being able to multitask perfectly. That way, players can advance at a steady pace without having to spend any money in the game’s microtransactions–unless they want to, of course. Here are some things to know about when playing Infinity Kingdom that is sure to help sellers in managing the upkeep of their accounts:

  1. Explore, Explore, Explore

    Right off the bat, there are a ton of activities players need to delve into within their camp. There’s nothing wrong with tending to the needs of the camp, but most of the time, it means getting stuck in a long queue as the repairs and upgrades finish. Instead of being a sitting duck, use that amount of time to explore the world outside of the camp. Taking down gnomes is an easy way to kill time, and after beating the lowest level of gnomes, players are usually eligible to take on a higher-level enemy. It would be a shame to not explore the ever-expanding world in Infinity Kingdom since it’s the best way to improve immortals and gather resources, so why not invest some time there while the camp is under renovation?

  2. Increasing Kingdom Power

    The ultimate goal of every player in Infinity Kingdom is to get stronger, and to do that, there are several things on which they can focus to gradually build the best kingdom. Having a high kingdom power is essential for anyone interested in smashing down enemies in PvE and PvP mode, thereby making it a must for players to increase their kingdom power. For example, they can train the troops regularly. The more troops they have, the more power a kingdom gets. There’s also the option to invest in technology through research. By doing so, the offense, defense, and economic fields’ growth rate of their kingdom will improve.

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