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Sell Guardian Tales Account for Real Money

Guardian Tales is one of those games that tickles the inner retro fancy inherent in every hardcore gamer. Solid PvP? Check! Cutesy pixelated graphics? Check! A chockful of content? Check! With all those factors going for Guardian Tales, it’s no wonder it’s making quite a splash in the mobile gaming scene. And with that, hordes of both the iOS and Android mobile gaming faithful are flocking to Kakao Games and Kong Studios’ latest offering.

If you’ve got an extra Guardian Tales account, it’s time to swoop in and take advantage of the mobile gaming climate and make some money! You can do so by signing up at PlayerAuctions. Whether this is a one-time deal or a regular gig for you, we’re sure to be the best platform for you to make quick, profitable, and safe sales!

Here’s how you can sell your Guardian Tales account:

  1. Sign up as a seller at PlayerAuctions.
  2. Create an offer so that buyers will be privy to what you’re selling. Be sure to make it as detailed as possible to avoid potential disputes in the future.
  3. Select either Automatic or Manual Deliver. For the latter, you will need to coordinate with your buyer to deliver the account details yourself. This is why we highly recommend the former just so you won’t need to bother with the nitty-gritty of delivering the account details manually.
  4. Once a buyer selects your offer, contact them via email or our onsite messenger to work out the details of the trade. Again, you may skip this step if you pre-selected Automatic Delivery.
  5. The buyer will then make the confirmation via our system to conclude the transaction and we will promptly release your payment. Congratulations on making a sale!

When you sign up as a seller at PlayerAuctions, you instantly gain access to thousands of buyers from all over the globe. And with that, the waiting time to sell your game account is significantly reduced. Why wait an inordinate amount of time for someone to pick up on your offer when we’ve got buyers eagerly waiting for them? Join now and see the difference that only PlayerAuctions can deliver.

Leveling Up Your Guardian Tales Account

As fun, light-hearted, and humorous as Guardian Tales is, leveling up is serious business. And to for your Guardian Tales account to sell like hot cakes, you’ll definitely need it to be all leveled-up. Luckily for you, we’ve gathered up some foolproof tips to help you boost your account in no time at all. That way, you can justify selling it at a highly-profitable price.

  • Focus on the main campaign – This is the only way to unlock all content. And while that, in itself, is already a worthy motivation, doing so will also make you a better player in the end.
  • Keep your heroes leveled up – If you always keep your heroes above the stage limit, you’ll notice that you’ll be at a distinct advantage. Defeating enemies will be a breeze!
  • Don’t neglect team composition – Most games have four character types. These are Support, Warrior, Tanker, and Ranged. Be sure to mix and match your characters to better suit your goals.
  • Awaken your heroes – This means equipping them with the proper equipment. As much as possible, try to use top-tier gear to keep your heroes awakened.
  • Explore, explore, explore – Don’t just skim. Scour every inch of the areas you discover! Doing so will give you easy access to nifty rewards and secrets!
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