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Why There Are Sellers for Guardian Tales Accounts

Guardian Tales is one of those games that tickles the inner retro fancy inherent in every hardcore gamer. Solid PvP? Check! Cutesy pixelated graphics? Check! A chockful of content? Check! With all those factors going for Guardian Tales, it’s no wonder it’s making quite a splash in the mobile gaming scene. And with that, hordes of both the iOS and Android mobile gaming faithful are flocking to Kakao Games and Kong Studios’ latest offering.

General Overview of Guardian Tales

If there's one way to sum up what Guardian Tales is, it's a mobile RPG game that's inspired by the likes of Legend of Zelda and Secret of Mana. As a newbie knight, players are immediately thrown into a world where they need to save the world. It's quite simple, really. Players are able to summon heroes that will assist them on their journey. Exploring the different locations that are in the game can be perilous but ultimately rewarding.

Leveling Tips for Guardian Tales

As fun, light-hearted, and humorous as Guardian Tales is, leveling up is serious business. Luckily for sellers , there are some foolproof tips to help players boost their account in no time at all. That way, they will be able to level up as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Focus on the main campaign – This is the only way to unlock all content. And while that, in itself, is already a worthy motivation, doing so will also make players a better version of themselves in the end.
  • Keep heroes leveled up – If players always keep their heroes above the stage limit, they will notice that they are constantly at a distinct advantage. Defeating enemies will be a breeze!
  • Don’t neglect team composition – Most games have four character types. These are Support, Warrior, Tanker, and Ranged. Be sure to mix and match the characters to better suit one's goals.
  • Awakening heroes – This means equipping them with the proper equipment. As much as possible, try to use top-tier gear to keep heroes awakened.
  • Explore, explore, explore – Don’t just skim. Scour every inch of the areas that are waiting to be discovered! Doing so will give players easy access to nifty rewards and secrets!
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