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Selling Growtopia Items for Real Money

If you are looking to put your Growtopia Items up for sale, good news: it’s covenient and free. If you still don’t have an account, just register, and then either go to your profile and select Create Offer or go to the Growtopia Items page and choose Sell. Choose the proper options and complete the required fields, then click on Create New For Sale Offer.

This will post your offer on our site. Wait until a buyer decides to purchase your offer and receive a chat message from him/her. In your conversation, discuss the time, date, and location of the trade. Your conversation will be monitored and recorded by PlayerAuctions staff, and will serve as reference should a dispute arise from either or both parties.

After the trade has been completed, the buyer will confirm with us that the items have been delivered. We will then disburse the payment to you.

Which Growtopia Items to Sell?

As for the Growtopia items that you can sell here, it’s up to you. However, we recommend that you sell the more popular ones in order to make a quick and easy sell. Specifically, Diamond, Robotic, Emerald, and World Locks; The One Ring, Ring of Force, Ring of Water, and Ring of Wisdom; Wool Bolt, Aqua Silk Bolt,and Zeus’ Lightning Bolt are all items that are in-demand and can be sold at competitive prices.

Speaking of expensive items, here are a few of them:

  • Diamond Dragon – 60-80 Diamond Locks
  • Legendary Wizard – 80-82 Diamond Locks
  • Cursed Wand – 70-100 Diamond Locks
  • Calf Leash – 120-150 Diamond Locks
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