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Growing in Growtopia

It's not easy for anyone starting from scratch, and Growtopia is no exception to that. Despite being a children's game, Growtopia can be difficult to grasp for people that have never played any type of sandbox game in their life. At the start of the game, players will find themselves being dumped in an empty, uninhabited world where their life begins anew. So what's the first thing to do for someone that's just starting out in Growtopia? To punch dirt, of course! While it may sound a tad silly in real life, punching dirt in Growtopia can bring about many benefits for starting players. For one, they'll be able to get seeds which they can use to bring life to the otherwise barren world that the game has decided to drop the player in. Growtopia teaches gamers the importance of plantation, cooperation between one another, and how to grow into a better version of one's self in a way where they will be able to make calculated decisions that will reap beneficial factors

Selling Your Growtopia Account - Price it Right

Before sellers go and make an offer on the site, they need to first determine how much their account is worth. While there is not necessarily a particular price margin that is enforced, it would be better to sell Growtopia accounts at a fair yet competitive price that is both appealing to customers and deserving of a seller's account’s quality.

As a safe rule, the more rare items and the higher the level of the account, the higher the price will be. It would also be good to use a Growtopia account price calculator from a third-party source. But regardless of the price a seller has come up with, it would be wise to compare it with other Growtopia accounts for sale to ensure fair pricing.

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