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In 2020, 19,600+ sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Selling Your Growtopia Account for Real Money

On the other hand, if you need to sell your Growtopia account, it’s just as easy as buying one. Log in or register (if you haven’t already), then either go to your profile and click on Create Offer or go to the Growtopia Account page and click on sell. Fill out the necessary fields on the page, and your offer will be posted on the site.

Once a buyer has chosen to purchase your account, we will notify you and ask you for the account details. After that, wait for the customer to confirm the account’s delivery, and then payment will be disbursed to you.

Pricing Your Growtopia Account Right

But before you go and make an offer on the site, you need to first determine how much your account is worth. While we at PlayerAuctions won’t be enforcing a particular price margin, it would be better to sell your Growtopia account at a fair yet competitive price that is both appealing to customers and deserving of your account’s quality.

As a safe rule, the more rare items and the higher the level of your account, the higher the price will be. It would also be good to use a Growtopia account price calculator from a third-party source. But regardless of the price you come up with, it would be wise to compare it with other Growtopia accounts for sale to ensure a fair pricing.

Why Sell on PlayerAuctions?

Despite the fact that there are lots of third-party, player-to-player trading sites, there are good reasons to choose PlayerAuctions as the place to sell your Growtopia account.

First, and perhaps most importantly, PlayerAuctions staff and other members do not, and never will, have access to your personal info, nor will they ask for it. Second would be the much lower seller costs, which in turn mean more profit.

In addition to that, if you make $1000 and 100 completed sales, as well as earn a 97% positive feedback rating or higher, you can become one of our PowerSellers. As a PowerSeller, we at PlayerAuctions will be promoting you, so more buyers are likely to trust you and buy from you, in turn allowing you to rack up more sales. In addition to that, you’ll be paid much faster for the sales you make compared to the regular seller.

Lastly, PlayerAuctions is all about convenience, so sellers have the option to choose the method by which they’ll receive payment for their sales. That, of course, includes AmazonPay.

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