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Why Sell Fracture Online Gold?

Fracture Online relies heavily on its in-game currency to drive the player-based economy and progression. While items are mainly crafted by gamers, sellers can use gold to buy the resources needed to create them or to just buy them off from the smithies. Many players would prefer buying things they need rather than just gathering them, which is why many people will need gold.

Players with tons of gold can earn real-world money from other gamers looking to use their money to buy more in-game currencies. With so many things to do in-game, gold coins can quickly run out, so adventurers will need a massive amount of them. Gold vendors can profit from selling their resources to other players in need.

How to Make Money in Fracture Online?

Earning tons of gold in this game requires time and effort, as the only way to acquire them from the game itself is to kill humanoids or process gold. Aside from these, sellers can earn coins by selling essential resources. Vendors, they can choose to either farm money by grinding or by harvesting materials. Both are very time-consuming, so sellers will need a lot of dedication. Here are some of the best-selling materials in-game:

  • Orichalcum Ingot
  • Silver Ingot
  • Iron Ingot
  • Sun Steel Ingot
  • Tin Ingot
  • Platinum Ingot
  • Shadium Ingot
  • Sulfurite Ingot
  • Shadow Steel Ingot
  • Forest Troll Leather
  • Mountain Troll Leather
  • Sea Troll Leather
  • Tough Animal Leather
  • Grizzly Leather
  • Mammoth Leather
  • Polar Bear Leather
  • Ghastly Spider Silk Fabric
  • Rabbit Wool Cloth
  • Winterspine Weave
  • Flawless Diamond
  • Flawless Emerald
  • Flawless Ruby
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