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Fractured Online provides players with a sandbox to play with. From building a city to crafting all kinds of things, players have the run of Syndesia (human domain), Arboreus (Wildfolk domain), or Tartaros (demon domain, soon to be released).

Still, a Fractured Online account seller can help provide more freedom as the buyer doesn’t have to farm or grind Knowledge Points or resources anymore. The latter can play the game as they want, whether as a city manager, explorer, or crafter.

Types of Fractured Online Accounts to Sell

Even with the sandbox gameplay, sellers can provide many benefits to buyers. Despite not having one path for progression, they can help pre-farm the resources and/or Knowledge Points needed. There’s also settlement management, where the sellers can leave it as it can run by itself. That lets the buyer be free to do whatever they want.

That said, here are the types of accounts possible:

  • ‘Complete’ account: high KPs, many resources, well-developed settlement/city
  • KP account: focused on allocated Knowledge Points
  • Resources/Crafting account: these accounts have all kinds of crafting resources pre-farmed
  • City manager account: one with a functioning settlement or with the resources for one
  • Blank Slate account: a fresh one for those who want a brand-new start

As for pricing, the more resources or the farther along its progression, the more expensive it can be. It’s up to the seller’s preference, though there are calculators to help with that. Have fun!

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