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Become A Master Crafter & Sell Fractured Online Items

Crafting plays a crucial role in any MMO game; it’s something that players do again and again if they want to improve their character. Luckily for sellers selling Fractured Online items, the developers have implemented several layers of crafting goodness, each with very different requirements.

To become a master crafter, sellers must know the art of inventory crafting. This lets them craft simple things on the go, no matter where they are. Players can only craft things like a club or a bandage—the everyday essentials. It doesn’t take much time (or energy) to create these items, but they serve their purpose well and thus are always in demand.

For sellers looking to create something that requires a bit more finesse, they’ll need to go to the crafting stations. These are special benches found mainly in cities and personal land parcels. More importantly, it allows players to access more advanced crafting called “Tier Crafting.”

Understanding Materials

Crafting items using the bare minimum is fine, but now that your handiwork can only be as good as the materials you used for it. Choosing the suitable material to work with is crucial in Fractured Online, as some are better than others. Many materials are available in the game, such as fibers, leathers, metals, wood, and many more. Each item that can be crafted (except for primitive weapons) has at least one variable material—this determines the item’s properties.

One might think that adding a precious resource to the fray might not impact the armor they’re crafting as much. Still, the over-the-top additions make the difference between a player’s Knight’s Armor withstanding a firestorm and taking a mere fireball.

Imbue Armor for Better Stats

Sellers that want to sell highly prized Fractured Online items must know how to imbue. To imbue an item, they’ll have to use reagents; these enchanting materials are similar to crafting materials and have different properties. Players can use five different regents per imbuing session. When imbuing an item, many possible properties are staggered into Tiers.

The system may sound complicated, but in reality, all sellers have to do is put their item on the imbuing table, select their reagents of choice, imbue, and Bob’s their uncle. Moreover, the imbuing table can be placed everywhere, meaning sellers can imbue to their heart’s content.

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