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With Fall Guys being such an adorable multiplayer game packed full with fun mini-games that friends can play together and bond over, sellers are bound to run into buyers who’ll surely be in need of its currency.

Why is The Fall Guys Game So Popular?

Fall Guys is a multiplayer game where up to 60 people compete in an obstacle race trying to get to the end of the course until there’s only one last person standing. Only one person can be a winner here, so imagine the bragging rights of that person should they win the game against the other 59 people. Besides its popularity as a fun and casual multiplayer game, Fall Guys is charming and is blessed with colorful graphics and characters that can catch anyone’s eye. And what better way to reconnect with your family and friends with a little bit of healthy competition?

What is Fall Guys Kudos?

Kudos is the official currency of Fall Guys. It lets you buy all sorts of in-game items that allows you to further personalize the character that you’re using. These include a variety of costumes, skins, and emotes which you can choose before you start the game. Many people like to collect costumes and have a closet filled with all types of skins for the occasion, so selling Kudos for Fall Guys is a great way to earn a bit of cash during your spare time.

The Difference Between Kudos and Crowns

Don’t mistake these two currencies as they’re not the same. Kudos is the base currency of Fall Guys that you can use to buy stuff in the game’s DLC store. However, Crowns aren’t as accessible to players. To be able to get Crowns, you’ll actually have to win one round. You heard that right. In order for you to even get one Crown, you have to beat the other 59 players in the game. Crowns can be spent on DLC and unlockables that are exclusive to the currency. Some of those are worth five Crowns or more, so you’ll need a lot of skill if you want to farm Crowns. That being said, they’re not tradeable since Crowns are bound to your account, so if you want to sell currency in Fall Guys, it’ll have to be Kudos.

How to Farm Kudos in Fall Guys

Kudos is much easier to obtain compared Crowns since they’re handed out generously throughout your progress. Among the number of ways that you can get Kudos, the simplest and perhaps easiest one is to play the game. Just by playing the game, you’ll be competing with other people in a series of mini-games. You’ll earn Kudos through that method, regardless of whether you win or not. You can also opt to unlock their Battle Pass and earn lots of bonus Kudos that they give there as rewards as well. The purple coins aren’t hard to come by and you can earn them at your own pace.

Be aware that Kudos can also be bought with real money, so you’ll have to at least lower your prices a bit if you want to give your potential buyers a reason to purchase the currency from you.

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