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What Do Gamers Think About When They Sell an Enlisted Account?

When a player decides to sell their Enlisted account, there’s a few things that they might think about. These are aspects related to the progression of the account, such as its level, upgrades, etc. which might affect the price the account is bought for.

Progression in Enlisted can be measured in a few ways. First is the campaign level, which is a representation of the player’s overall progress in that campaign. It’s different for either side of the war. They basically start over if they’ve been playing on one side and suddenly switch to the other. It also unlocks various mechanics and features, such as sidearms at level 8. However, the player has to unlock the perk for the squad to use it.

The second is the squad upgrades. These increase the XP gain for the squad as well as increase the number of troops to bring to battle. In addition to that, it can increase the limit of how many soldiers of each class they can deploy. It boosts the performance of the squad as a whole.

The third is specific personnel upgrades. These are squad-member-specific upgrades that increase the supplies and weapons they can bring. It includes the aforementioned sidearm, a backpack, and even multiple rifles. These upgrades can also increase the highest rank a squad member of that class can achieve.

Fourth is workshop upgrades. Upgrade weapons and tanks with these. They lower the cost of further improvements, saving resources and allowing for more. With better weapons and equipment, squads can be strong and perform better.

Types of Enlisted Accounts Traders Sell

Whatever the reason for a seller to sell an Enlisted Account, each one would fall into one of these categories. Take note that the distinctions can be a little blurry between the categories. A good marker of this could be the campaign levels. Sellers generally try to make sure the price is fair for the account they’re selling.

  • High-Level - This is pretty much a maxed or almost maxed out account. It can be for one campaign or both, but one thing’s for sure, this is the most expensive kind of account. It will take sellers some time to raise the levels for this one.
  • Smurf/Mid-Level - These accounts aren’t maxed out, but should have enough upgrades for an easier time than a fresh account. These are commonly purchased by buyers who still want a challenge but don’t want to start fresh.
  • Fresh Account - A blank slate account for those who want to start over from the beginning.

As for upgrades and perks, of course, the high-level ones would have the most, and fresh the least as it has none. At any rate, it’s up to the seller to offer up whichever kind of account they want. It also is up to them to set the price when they sell Enlisted accounts.

Of course, the higher-leveled ones would be more expensive than fresh ones. Those have more time and effort invested in them, which explains why they fetch a higher price. Compared to those, the lower-leveled accounts don’t have as much invested, and so return a lower price.

How Do Traders Find a Platform to Sell Enlisted Accounts On?

Online sellers frequently recommended finding a platform on which traders are able to connect and find each other, such as PlayerAuctions. They do so for a few reasons beneficial to them. One is tight security, as traders are able to review each other and leave feedback, meaning newer traders are able to identify who the most trustworthy on the platform are. Another is a huge community of gamers. That means a steady supply of buyers to take offers. Lastly, there’s the freedom from subscriptions.

Sellers also have to be aware of any possible consequences of participating in this kind of transaction. They can find relevant information in the game’s policies and rules. More information can be found in the marketplace’s policies, or by contacting the game’s developers.

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